Rasgulla on Holi 2020 – A Juicy and Mouthwatering Sweet Recipe

When it is Holi, people demand sweets and Rasgulla ranks above any other recipe. So why not try to make it at home this Holi 2020 with an amazing recipe we are going to share with you here.

Rasgulla Recipe on Holi 2020:

rasgulla on Holi

Rasgulla is a traditional Indian sweet snack that everyone loves to eat on every happy occasion. It tastes amazing and the sweetness of this snack is at its peak. You may feel it is difficult to make Rasgullas at home. But we are going to share an easy recipe with you here.

Ingredients of Rasgulla:

You will need to gather the following ingredients to make perfect Rasgullas.

Whole milk8.5 cups
Lime juice2-3 tablespoons
Flour5 teaspoons
Sugar2 cups
Water4 cups
Rosewater2-3 tablespoons

Making of Rasgullas on Holi:

Pour milk in a deep pan and bring it to boil over medium flame. Keep on stirring the milk so that it does not burn. When the milk boils, add lime juice to it and mix well. When the curd separates from milk, turn off the heat and set the milk aside for about 10 minutes.

After that, strain the cheese and wash it under running water so that the lime juice separates from it. Now put it in a cloth and hang it for about an hour so that all the liquid drains out.

After the cheese dries, put it into a bowl for kneading. Keep on kneading until the cheese becomes smooth. This is the time your hands will feel grease of the oil that the cheese eliminates. Now sprinkle the flour onto it and mix it into the cheese.

For sugar syrup, mix sugar in water and give it a boil in a large pressure cooker. By the time syrup is ready, divide the cheese dough into small marble balls. Roll them with your hands to give the shape of a perfect Rasgulla.

After you are done making the balls, gently add them into the sugar syrup. Pressure cook the Rusgullas into the sugar syrup until the first whistle. And wait for another 10 minutes after that. Now turn off the flame and remove the lid of the pressure cooker.

Don’t touch Rasgullas until they are completely cool. They will be now of double size than before. Now put them in the serving dish and pour rose water on Rasgullas. Chill before you serve.

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It is a must-try recipe for Holi 2020. It will make your Holi super sweet.

Motichur Laddu on Holi 2020 – Easy Recipe to Try at Home

Every occasion is incomplete without a Mithai in India. And when it is Holi, people love to eat the famous recipe of Motichur Ke Laddu the most. So let’s learn to make it at home this Holi 2020.

Motichur Laddu Recipe on Holi 2020:

motichur laddu on Holi

Motichur Laddu is a sweet snack that is the necessity of all occasions in India. Even people from all over the world love to eat it on festive occasions. You might think that this recipe is difficult to make at home. But not anymore with the recipe below.

Ingredients for Motichur Holi:

You will need the following ingredients to make these Laddus at home.

Gram flour2 cups
Green cardamom1 teaspoon
Edible food color1/2 teaspoon
Milk1/2 liter
Ghee6 cups
Baking soda1 pinch
Sugar3 cups
Milk1/4 cup
Water4 cups

Making of Motichur Laddu:

First, you have to make sugar syrup. For this purpose, heat water over a medium flame in a large pan. Add sugar and stir the solution continuously until the sugar is completely dissolved. After the sugar syrup boils, add milk and let it cook for about 5 minutes.

Add orange food color and cardamom powder to the solution when it attains the consistency of two strings. After that, keep it aside.

Take a large bowl and put gram flour into it. Add milk in a small quantity and mix it. Keep on adding more until it gets smooth. After that, add baking soda and mix it well too.

Heat ghee in a deep frying pan. Place a perforated ladle on ghee and pour batter over it. The batter will fall into the hot oil and cook it until it gets golden and soft. After frying, place it on a tissue or white paper so that excess oil drains out.

Mix this fried stuff into the sugar syrup. After the mixture cools down, shape it to make small balls of the size of Laddu. Serve fresh or store them in an airtight container.

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Make sure to try this recipe on Holi 2020. You will surely receive a lot of praise. And don’t forget to write back to us when all this happens.

Namkeen Lassi on Holi 2020 – Salted Yogurt Shake Recipe

Lassi is something that everyone wants on Holi and when it is Namkeen recipe, bring some more is what they all say. It is so much in demand that you should try to make it at home.

Namkeen Lassi Recipe on Holi 2020:lassi on holi

Namkeen Lassi tastes good and keeps you hydrated. Because there is salt in it and you are under the sun for the whole day. So here is the easy recipe for you.

Ingredients for Namkeen Lassi:

Cold plain yogurt2 cups
Chilled water or milk1 cup
SaltA pinch
Cumin1/2 teaspoon
Lemon juicefew drops

Making of Namkeen Lassi:

Roast cumin onto a pan without adding any fat into it. Now set it aside so that it cools down. After that, grind it in the form of powder. Now put yogurt, sugar or honey, water or milk, cumin, and a few drops of lemon juice into the blender. Blend it until it becomes creamy. Serve when chilled.

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So try it this Holi 2020 and everyone will surely love it. Make sure to prepare plenty of Lassi because the demand will be never-ending.

Ras Malai on Holi 2020 – Magical and Sweet Dough Balls Recipe

Adding the taste of sweetness to Holi is a must. We recommend you to try Ras Malai recipe this Holi. It is easy to make at home if you read the recipe below.

Ras Malai Recipe on Holi 2020:

ras malai on Holi

Ras Malai is refreshing and delicious and tastes good on every occasion. You may feel it is difficult to make. But not with the recipe below.

Ingredients of Ras Malai:

You will need the following ingredients to make Ras Malai.

Whole milk ricotta cheese15 ounce
White sugar1/4 cup
Half and half3 cups
White sugar1 cup
Ground cardamom1/4 teaspoon
Rosewater1/2 teaspoon
Saffron1 pinch
Chopped almonds1 tablespoon
Chopped pistachio nuts2 teaspoons

Making of Ras Malai:

Set the oven to preheat up to 175 degrees Celcius. Now blend the ricotta cheese and sugar together with the help of a hand mixer. After that, divide it into around 12 muffin cups. Now bake them into the oven for about 35 to 40 minutes. Set them aside for cooling and remove from the pans about 10 minutes later and arrange them on the serving dish.

Put half and half into a saucepan and cook it on low heat until it simmers for about 10 minutes. After that, put sugar, cardamom, saffron, and rose water into it. Let the mixture simmer for about 2 minutes more. And remove it from the stove and set aside so that it cools down.

After the mixture gains normal temperature, pour it over the cheese balls. Sprinkle pistachio and almonds over it and server when chilled.

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So try this delicious recipe this Holi and we guarantee that everyone will love it. Don’t forget to write back to us when you receive a lot of praise.

Kulcha on Holi 2020 – Amritsari Kulcha Recipe that Everyone Loves

Food is the necessary color of Holi that everyone must add to the festival. Kulcha is a recipe from Amritsar that everyone in India loves to eat on Holi. Let’s learn how to make it at home.

Kulcha Recipe on Holi 2020:

Kulcha on Holi

Kulcha is a sort of roti with yummy filling inside. You can also add as many varieties in the Kulcha as you like. Let’s learn to make the most famous one here.

Ingredients of Kulcha:

The following are the ingredients you will need to make Kulchas.

All-purpose flour1 cup
Virgin olive oil1 tablespoon
SaltAs required
Baking powder1/2 teaspoon
Sugar1/2 teaspoon
Yogurt2 tablespoon
Baking soda1/4 teaspoon
Refined oil2 teaspoon
Lukewarm milk2 tablespoon
Boiled potato1
Cumin powder1/2 teaspoon
Coriander leaves1/2 teaspoon
Green chili1/2
Red chili powder1/4 teaspoon
Chat masala1 pinch

Preparing the dough:

Take a large and deep bowl and sieve the flour into it. Now add baking soda, baking powder, curd, sugar, salt, and refined oil. Mix everything well with fingers. After that, add lukewarm milk in it and knead to form a firm dough. Now cover it with a wet cloth and set aside.

Preparing the filling.

For the filling, mash boiled potatoes into a bowl. Put chopped onion and green chilies into it. Now add chat masala, red chili powder, coriander leaves, and cumin powder. Add a pinch of salt and mix it well with a spoon.

Making of Kulcha on Holi:

Divide the dough into small portions and roll each one into a small ball. After that, roll the ball in round shape. Put the filling in the center of the chapati and roll the dough over it so that all the ends are finely sealed. Now roll it again in the form of paratha.

Put some olive oil on the pan and preheat it. After the temperature rises and oil starts bubbling, put the Kulcha onto it. Cook for about a minute and flip. Cook the other side too and keep on flipping until both sides turn crispy and golden brown. Serve with chole and chatni.

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So make it at home on Holi, and everyone will love it. It is better to cook it when you are ready to serve because it tastes fantastic when fresh.