Papri Recipe on Holi 2020 – A Crispy Treat of Festivals

As Indians love desi food, a variety of dishes is a must on each Indian festival. Snacks are a crucial part of Holi. The one famous snack recipe of Holi of all time is Papri. Let’s start the story of Papri on Holi 2020.

Papri Recipe on Holi 2020:


It is a chat full of spices that Indians love to eat. People can add as many variations to Papri as they want. But the main ingredients remain the same. Let’s learn how to make Papri at home this Holi.

Ingredients of Papri:

To make a perfect Papri, use the following ingredients, and take care of the measurements.

Besan1/2 kg
Mustard oil1 teaspoon
Salt1 teaspoon
Red chili powder1 teaspoon
Water1 cup
Methi leaves (fine chopped)1 teaspoon
Maida1/4 kg

Preparing the Papri dough:

Mix salt and red chili into besan. Also, add oil so that the mixture kneads well into a soft dough. Knead for about 5 minutes then add leaves of methi. Again knead the dough for about 3 minutes. After that, make the dough a round shaped ball. Throw this ball on a plate and knead to soften it for about 7 minutes.

Frying the Papri:

Pre-heat oil in a deep frying pan. By the time oil heats up, roll the dough into one inch thick strips by rubbing with hands. While you do so, rub some oil onto your palms. By doing so, the dough doesn’t stick to the hands. When you achieve the desired thickness, cut the strips in one-inch length. Now you will get cubes of one inch. Lightly dust both sides with maida and roll it in the form of round chapatis. Turn the flame medium-low and fry the Papris. Make sure the color is golden yellow when ready. Drain the oil and store Papris in a dry and airtight container.

Try to make something sweet in the Holi menu too.

Now your Papris are ready to make the Holi crispy in 2020. Add other ingredients of chat to make it more spicy and delicious. Don’t forget to write back to us if you like this recipe.