Meetha Poora on Holi 2020 – The Sweet Gujrati Snack Recipe

Sweet snacks are popular for a perfect Holi menu, no matter in which part of the world you are. Gujarat adds the Meetha Poora recipe as a sweet color to the Holi. Let’s learn what it is.

Meetha Poora Recipe on Holi 2020:

meetha poora

It is a simple yet amazing Gujrati sweet dish which includes all the healthy and nutritious snacks. Making Meetha Poodas is also very easy. Let’s know how you can make it at home this Holi 2020.

Ingredients of Meetha Poora:

Use the following in the exact measurement written below to get the perfect Poodas this Holi.

Wheat flour4 cups
Sugar2 cups
Yogurt1/2 cup

Making of Meetha Poora:

Simply mix all the ingredients together and combine well. Add water if required to reach the consistency of a cake’s batter. Cover it and leave aside for at least 2 hours. By this time, the sugar will dissolve and will make the batter soft.

Preheat oil to medium-high into a deep frying pan. Make small balls of oval shape and put them into the oil. Fry the balls until they turn red. Put them on a strainer or a white paper so that the excess oil drains out. Serve the Pooras with yogurt.

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This is the easiest sweet snack to be a part of the Holi 2020 menu. So why not give it a try. All the people will surely love it.