Holi 2020 in West Bengal – Dol Jatra – Dol Purnima – Basant Utsav

Colors of Holi get a new hue when they enter the eastern Indian state, West Bengal. The Bengali touch makes it more amazing. Let’s know about it.

Holi 2020 in West Bengal:

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In West Bengal, people know Holi by the name of Dol Jatra, Dol Purnima, or Basant Utsav. Each one of them is a festival which people celebrate in the days of Holi. Let’s know each of them separately.

Dol Jatra:

Dol Purnima is the other name of this festival. It means that people carry massive sculptures of Radha and Krishna across the streets of the city on a dol, palanquin. This way, people can take blessings from them. People get up early in the morning and dress up in saffron-colored dresses. They also wear garlands of fragrant flowers. Then they sing and dance together along with the carried Morties of Bhagavan.

The tradition is that devotees take turns to carry the dol. Women dance around, and men throw watercolor and color powder on them.

Family celebrations of Holi:

The older person of the family fasts on the day. He prays to Lord Krishna and Agnidev for the whole day. After all the traditions and celebrations are over, the Morti of Krishna is seamed with Gulal. Then he offers Bhog to Bhagwan Krishna and Agnidev.

Basant Utsav:

The word Basant Utsav means the spring festival. It is to welcome a season of hope which initiates the new beginning. So people come together to pray and wish for a good season of crops ahead. Young girls and boys sing and dance to enjoy the festival too.

If you want to celebrate one in many festivals this Holi 2020, West Bengal will be the perfect destination. Be there with your friends and family, and enjoy the eastern flavor of Holi.