Holi 2020 in Vrindavan – Mathura – Celebrations on Land of Krishna

Holi has a significant color throughout India. But when it comes to the land of Radha and Krishna, the color becomes more vibrant. Let’s explore the Holi celebrations in the land of Krishna here.

Holi 2020 in Vrindavan, Mathura:

holi ogden

Vrindavan is a city in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh that is at the bank of Yamuna River. These are said to be the places where Krishna spent his childhood. So in Hinduism, they are Holy cities. Celebrations of Holi continue here for about a week. And the exciting fact is that each major temple in that area holds Holi celebrations on a different day.

Celebrations in Bakai-Bihari Temple:

It is situated in Vrindavan. Here people enjoy Holi with full devotion. Everyone plays with colors and becomes thoroughly drenched.

Celebrations in Gulal-Kund:

It is a little and beautiful lake near Govardhan mountain. Regularly, local people reenact the Radha-Krishna drama for devotees. Every day, people get themselves full in the colors of Holi here. But when it is Holi, the celebrations get enormous.

Know how people of Barsana, land of Radha, celebrate Holi here

If you want to enjoy the exact color of Holi 2020, come to Vrindavan city in Mathura District. You will surely witness the true spirit of love here.