Holi Traditions in 2020 – Where and How People Do It

Traditions of Holi are regional. It means that it is a unique way of a region, state, or city to celebrate Holi in a specific way. Let’s explore some exciting traditions with us in this article.

Holi Traditions in 2020:

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Some famous traditions of Holi include Lathmaar Holi, Basant Utsav, and Hola Mohalla. But there are many others too because it is India. So let’s start the exploration.

Lathmaar Holi:

When men from the Land of Krishna invade the land of Radha, women beat them with sticks, so the name became Lathmaar Holi. Also, they force men to wear women’s attire and dance in front of everyone.

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Dulandi Holi:

The bhabi in the house has the upper hand on dewars on the day of Holi. So she beats her devar with a rope that she makes of her saree. In the evening, dewar brings sweets for her bhabi to further strengthen the bond between both.

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Basant Utsav:

Holi celebrations also include the welcome to the spring season that people know as Basant Utsav. It is a famous festival in a renowned university in India where many tourists come every year to enjoy the occasion.

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Dol Jatra:

Dol Jatra is a procession in which dol (palanquin) of Radha and Krishna are carried out all over the roads and streets of the city. Everyone prays from these Lords, and people sing and dance around the Dols into the procession.

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Hola Mohalla:

For the Sikh community of India, Holi is the Hola Mohalla festival. They gather to present a great show of martial arts that is breathtaking. Many competitions held every year on this occasion.

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Bhang is a drink that is famous for drinking on Holi. People add many varieties to this drink as per their taste. We recommend you not to make it intoxicating.

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There are many traditions besides what we have written above. But we focused more on those that people enjoy and are followed every year. If you want us to add some other tradition to the list above, write back to us. We will be highly obliged to you for this favor.