Rituals of Holi in 2020 – Recalling Everything We Forgot

Every festival has some rituals that everyone follows. They may vary with geographical differences, but the original theme is the same. Let’s explore some of the rituals of Holi here in this article.

Holi Rituals 2020:

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Holi is the festival of colors in a broader explanation. But it contains many rituals along with playing with colors. A ritual that a community follows in one region is altogether unknown to the people of the other region, even within India. So here, we will talk about some exciting rituals of Holi and will also tell you where people follow these rituals.

Cooking Barley Harvest under the bonfire:

When people light the bonfire, they burry a pot under it that is filled with the barley harvest. When the fire extinguishes, they take out the pot and eat it. They believe that this food will keep them healthy.

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Worshiping Kamadeva:

In south India, people worship Lord Kamadeva on Holi. Read the full history of Kamadeva and his relation to Holi celebrations here. People also prepare food on the day of Holika Dahan that they offer to Kamadeva. Read its details here.

Collecting the wood:

Many days before Holi, men of the family start collecting wood logs from the spots making it available for everyone. And everyone makes sure that they have everything they need for the bonfire before the final day comes. It is also a tradition to steal wood logs from the homes of neighbors in some parts of India.

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Holika Puja:

Before the lightening of the bonfire, people worship the Holika. It is compulsory to do the Puja at the right time, the same as burning the Holika. Because people presume that if the Puja is not done at the right time, it will have adverse effects.

Breaking the Matki:

At the Holi festival, people tie a pot fill of buttermilk high in the middle of the street. A group of youngsters stands above each other’s shoulders in the form of a pyramid to reach the pot. Then a trained young man climbs that human pyramid and breaks the Matki. It is how Holi celebrations begin.

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So now, you are ready to experience some rituals on Holi 2020 that are new to you. When you do so, don’t forget to write back to us about your experience.