Holi 2020 in Chhattisgarh – Chhattisgarhi Jada in Baiga Community

Central India has many unique colors of the Holi festival. Simple people of Chhattisgarh state celebrate it with full enthusiasm. So let’s learn about it.

Holi 2020 in Chhattisgarh:

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Baiga community of Chhattisgarh uniquely celebrates Holi. It cannot be seen anywhere else in the world like this. So we will tell you all the details of it here.

Chhattisgarhi Jada:

It is a tree which stands in the middle. People cover it with dry branches of wood from other trees and leaves of rice. The final shape of the tree looks like a wooden hut. It is prepared for the bonfire in the evening.

Holika Dahan:

When the leaves on the top of Chhattisgarhi Jada burn, one person from the Baiga community cuts it from the middle. Everyone else comes forward to grab a piece of it. They sing and dance around to celebrate the victory of good over bad. Then people take their parts of Chhattisgarhi Jada to their homes. They believe that it will keep all the evil spirits and diseases away from home.

Playing with colors:

On the next morning, everyone comes out to celebrate. They throw colored water, flower petals, and dry colors on each other.

Favorite food on Holi:

People love to eat Gujia, Rasgulla, and other sweet dishes on the day of Holi. They meet and greet each other. Also, forget all the fights and forgive each other.

If you want to celebrate your Holi 2020 around kind-hearted and straightforward people, Chhattisgarh is the ideal state to be there. You will surely be impressed by the behavior of the locals.

Holi 2020 in Odisha – Dol Purnima – Dandi Khela – Jhoolan Mandap

East India celebrates Holi the same way irrespective of what state it is. Yet, there are a few changes due to local traditions in the ceremonies of this festival. Let’s unfold the story of Holi in Odisha.

Holi 2020 in Odisha:

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Odisha celebrates Holi in love with Lord Jagannath. So the idol of the Lord is of primary attention throughout the Holi festival. Odisha gives the name of Dol Purnima to the Holi festival.

Holika Dahan:

People light the bonfire and dance around to celebrate the victory of good over evil. After the fire is extinguished, married women wipe out the place by carefully sweeping out the ashes of the fire.

Dol Purnima:

People take out the idol of Lord Jagannath on a dol, palanquin, in a procession. It takes a round through all the streets of the city, and people turn shoulders to carry the dol. Women dance around the dol throughout the procession. And men through colored water and dry color on to the parade.

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Dandi Khela:

This game is a particular part of the celebration. People also know it as dandiya. To celebrate this, songs of high beats are played. To dance on the music, people carry two sticks in their hands. Then they strike the sticks with other person’s stick and turn around. People play it in massive crowds, and everyone takes part in Dandi Khela.

Celebration of Gawalas:

As Lord Krishna was from Gawala, milkman, community, all the Gawalas carry the dol in the evening. It shows their belongingness to the Gawalas when Lord is returning back to a specially made home at night.

Jhoolan Mandap:

After the procession, the morti of the Lord rests under a specially made tent. And that is called as Jhoolan Mandap.

Holi day celebrations:

The next morning, the morti of the Lord is comes out of the tent. People apply powdered color abeer on the idol of the Lord. They also play with colors and enjoy Holi.

Food for Holi:

On the day of Holi, people enjoy the day with food too. Their favorite food is Laddo and Petha.

Conclusion of Holi:

In the evening, the idol of the Lord takes a bath into a pond as a final step of the celebration and is cleaned well. After that, it is brought back into the temple.

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To enjoy Holi 2020 to the fullest, you must attend it in Odisha. You will surely remember this experience throughout your life.

Holi 2020 in Assam – Doulutsava – Doul Jatra

Holi has its own unique and enthusiastic color in northeast India. The biggest celebration of Holi occurs in the state of Assam. Let’s know about it.

Holi 2020 in Assam:

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People of Assam know Holi by the name of Doul Jatra or Doulutsava. It is a five days long festival in most parts of Assam. The most significant celebrations happen in Barpeta, where devotees from all over the world come to attend the festival. Let’s know all of it in detail.


People also know it by the name of the Doul festival or Doul Jatra. During the days of the festival, the idol of Lord Krishna is placed in whole Assam so that devotees can worship it. The biggest celebration occurs at Berpeta Sara. Everyone forgets their problems and sorrows. They all sing in rhythm to offer all their prayers to Krishna.

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Holika Dahan:

It is the first part if the Holi celebrations. People of Assam, burn clay huts near their houses instead of the bonfire. It is assumed that all the evil spirits will run away by this act. It is also the celebration of the victory of good over evil.

Holi of colors:

In the second part of the celebration, people play with colors. It can be a dry color powder, watercolors, or flowers. With that, people play music and dance on the beats. It is also said to be the celebration of the immortal love of Krishna and Radha.

Learn more about these two Lords of Hindus and how they are related to Holi here.

If you want to celebrate Holi more religiously and enthusiastically, Assam will be the best choice. So come along with many other devotees this Holi 2020 to be a part of the traditional celebrations.

Holi 2020 in West Bengal – Dol Jatra – Dol Purnima – Basant Utsav

Colors of Holi get a new hue when they enter the eastern Indian state, West Bengal. The Bengali touch makes it more amazing. Let’s know about it.

Holi 2020 in West Bengal:

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In West Bengal, people know Holi by the name of Dol Jatra, Dol Purnima, or Basant Utsav. Each one of them is a festival which people celebrate in the days of Holi. Let’s know each of them separately.

Dol Jatra:

Dol Purnima is the other name of this festival. It means that people carry massive sculptures of Radha and Krishna across the streets of the city on a dol, palanquin. This way, people can take blessings from them. People get up early in the morning and dress up in saffron-colored dresses. They also wear garlands of fragrant flowers. Then they sing and dance together along with the carried Morties of Bhagavan.

The tradition is that devotees take turns to carry the dol. Women dance around, and men throw watercolor and color powder on them.

Family celebrations of Holi:

The older person of the family fasts on the day. He prays to Lord Krishna and Agnidev for the whole day. After all the traditions and celebrations are over, the Morti of Krishna is seamed with Gulal. Then he offers Bhog to Bhagwan Krishna and Agnidev.

Basant Utsav:

The word Basant Utsav means the spring festival. It is to welcome a season of hope which initiates the new beginning. So people come together to pray and wish for a good season of crops ahead. Young girls and boys sing and dance to enjoy the festival too.

If you want to celebrate one in many festivals this Holi 2020, West Bengal will be the perfect destination. Be there with your friends and family, and enjoy the eastern flavor of Holi.

Holi 2020 in Madhya Pradesh – Rangpanchami – Pancham Holi

Holi is a significant event in central India. Madhya Pradesh is a large state of the center with its own colors of Holi. Let’s unfold them.

Holi 2020 in Madhya Pradesh:

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Madhya Pradesh has an ancient civilization that we can trace back to the 10th century. It has many famous landmarks of Hindu and Jain religions. Holi is a significant festival here with all the traditions of north India. Yet, something is exceptional. People know it by the name of Rangpanchami. The celebration continues for 5 days. We will tell you about it here.

Holika Dahan:

People light the bonfire with wood and leaves. Then sing and dance around in joy to celebrate the victory of good over evil.


Maratha Holkars, when conquered the state they bought Marathi traditions with them. So Rangpanchami is a Marathi version of Holi. The celebration is at its peak in Indore city. People enjoy the Marathi traditions for 5 days with full energy.

In another state of India, this festival is also known as Rangpanchami. Know about this variation of Holi here

Pancham Holi:

It is the fifth and the last day of Rangpanchami. On this day, people play Holi of colors. In the past, both dry and wet colors were used. But to reduce the wastage of water, dry colors are used more now.

If you want to know about Marathi traditions, Holi 2020 in Madhya Pradesh is a must to attend the event. You will surely enjoy this unique version of Holi.