Holi 2020 in Bangalore – Kaamana Habba – Celebrations and Events

It is a presumption that people of south India don’t celebrate Holi as north Indian people do. But not in Bangalore. Let’s know about how this festival occurs here.

Holi 2020 in Bangalore:

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Bangalore is also known as Bangaluru. It is the capital of the state of Karnataka. People also know Holi here by the name of Kaamana Habba.

Kaamana Habba:

It is a new style of the celebration of Holika Dahan. To light the bonfire, boys of the family go to steal wood logs and cow dung from neighboring houses. Young girls take part with their mothers in preparing Holige. Which will be offered to Kamadeva during the bonfire. When the fire lightens, boys sing and dance around it. It marks the beginning of the festival and is also to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

Playing with colors:

On the next day, people come out of their homes to play with colors. They gather in open areas like parks, streets, and roads. From dawn to dusk, throwing dry color powder and wet colors continues. Until everyone is unrecognizable.

Events on Holi in Bangalore:

In Bangalore, there are many events to attend on Holi. There are music concerts, food fests, and cultural shows too. They make sure that your Holi becomes a complete package of entertainment.

If you want to witness all the colors of Holi 2020 celebrations of Karnataka at a single destination, Bangalore will be a perfect choice. Be there, and you will never regret your decision.

Holi 2020 in Barsana – Lathmaar Holi at Land of Radha

Holi has a unique color in each corner of India. But when it comes to the land of Radha and Krishna, it gets incredible. Let’s unfold the story of Holi in Barsana.

Holi 2020 in Barsana:

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Barsana is a village that is 42 kilometers away from district Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Here it is also known as Lathmaar Holi.

Story behind Lathmaar Holi:

Lord Krishna went to meet Radha, and he received the strikes of sticks by gopis. After that, he was forced to wear Sari and makeup. And then he danced in front of the crowd. So the celebrations in the lands of Radha and Krishna follow the above-explained theme.

See the significance of Holi with Radha and Krishna here

Lathmaar Holi – Day 1:

Men from the land of Krishna, Nandgaon, come to Barsana, land of Radha. Here women welcome them. But not with colors. Instead, they receive strikes of sticks by the women.

So they come prepared by wearing padded clothes to bear the strikes of sticks. But one way or the other, they get hit. The story doesn’t end here. Men are forced to wear the attire of women and dance in front of the public too.

Lathmaar Holi – Day 2:

On the next day, men of Barsana go to Nandgaon. They throw dry color powder of orange-red shade on women of Nandgaon. In return, women beat them with sticks.

If you want to witness this unique flavor of playing Holi 2020, be in Barsana. And make sure that you don’t get hit.

Holi 2020 in Manipur – Yaosang Festival With Thabal Chongba Dance

Northeast India undoubtedly celebrates Holi but with a unique touch. Every state has its own specialty. We will explore the colors of Manipur in Holi 2020 here.

Holi 2020 in Manipur:

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In Manipur, the celebration continues for six days. With Holi, people also celebrate a regional festival, the Yaosang festival. So we can say that the celebrations are mixed together.

Holika Dahan:

People make a hut by joining twigs, sticks, and hay. In the evening, they burn it instead of a bonfire to celebrate Holika Dahan. Then they sing and dance around to celebrate the victory of good over bad.

Playing Holi with colors:

Young boys gather in a group and invite girls to play with them the Holi of colors.

Celebration in temples:

People wear yellow and white turbans and go to Krishna temples. There they sing devotional songs and play with colors.

The Holi procession:

On the last day, devotees take out a procession that ends at the temple of Krishna. During the march, they continue the celebration and all the cultural activities.

Thabal Chongba:

It is a specialized dance of Manipur on the festival of Holi. Earlier, people used to dance on the beats of dhol. But now, modern music is played, and people dance on it.

If you want to enjoy an entirely unique version of Holi 2020, Manipur will be the best destination. Take along your friends and family to enjoy the full of it.

Holi 2020 in Himachal Pradesh – Kullu Holi of Snow

North Indian state Himachal Pradesh adds the color of snow to the Holi festival. It celebrates Holi with tremendous enthusiasm. Let’s know about it.

Holi 2020 in Himachal Pradesh:

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It is a fascinating tourist destination always. And thousands of people from India and all around the world come here to celebrate Holi. Let’s talk about its specialties for the festival. By knowing all, you may also want to be there.

Holika Dahan:

Like the whole India, Himachal Pradesh also lights bonfire to celebrate the victory of good over evil. In the cold weather of Himalaya, an evening of bonfire adds energy into the people. So they dance and sing around with joy.

Celebrations at Ponta Sahib:

Every year, thousands of devotees come here. This count increases on Holi. So people in huge gatherings together seek blessings and celebrate Holi.

Kullu Holi:

When snow is mixed in colors to play Holi with, it becomes Kullu Holi. Slang Pass witnesses the heaviest snowfalls of the year, and it is a favorite tourist spot. People come to play Holi of snow here and enjoy with their family and friends.

If anywhere else you want to have a taste of Holi with snow, try Holi snow color spray.

If you want to celebrate a cold Holi 2020 in India, Himachal Pradesh is a choice you will never regret about. Make sure to bring your family and friends together to enhance the festivity of the event.

Holi 2020 in Uttarakhand – Khadi Holi – Mahila Holi – Baithki Holi

Every state of India has its own colors of Holi. Somewhere it is a festival of two days, and in some states, it can last for a month too. Uttarakhand also celebrates it as a lengthy festival. Let’s know about it.

Holi 2020 in Uttarakhand:

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Uttarakhand is a northern state of India. It can be a favorite Holi 2020 destination if you want it long and full of nature. The interesting fact is that this state holds 3 different types of Holi celebrations all at once. Let’s unfold each of them separately.

Khadi Holi:

It is a Holi celebration in the villages of Uttarakhand. People wear white clothes and sing Holi songs together. In groups, they love to dance on the beats of dhol. Special celebrations also occur in temples where people sing Holi rags together.

Mahila Holi:

It is the Holi celebration by the women of the state. They come together in groups and sing and dance to show love with their friends and family. It continues for about 15 days. The festival starts with Holika Dahan as it begins for other parts of India. The ending date of the festival is almost the same as the rest of India.

Baithki Holi:

It is the longest ever Holi celebration in India. It starts with Basant Panchami and ends when Holi ends in the whole of India. We can estimate it to be longer than 2 months. During celebrations of Baithki Holi, people sing ethnic songs and dance together.

So if you want to witness different breathtaking colors of Holi 2020 all at once, visit Uttarakhand. The atmosphere will surely inspire you.