Holi 2020 in Pushkar – The Ultimate Celebration Ever

People in India celebrate Holi with tremendous enthusiasm. But when it comes to Holy places in Hinduism, this festival becomes a lot more. Here we will discuss the celebrations in Pushkar.

Holi 2020 in Pushkar:

Holi Festival Pushkar

Pushkar is a small town in district Ajmer of Rajasthan state. It has hundreds of temples that host millions of tourists from India and the whole world each year. If you have never been to Pushkar on Holi, you have not enjoyed it in full.

Welcome to Pushkar:

If you visit Pushkar on Holi, don’t expect a normal welcome. When you step out of the bus, you will get a straight hit of colors onto your face. After that, when you will get back in senses, you will realize that yeah, you have arrived.

Playing with colors:

All the locals, tourists from India, and foreigners gather at Badi Basti to play with colors. Here everyone can openly apply colors to the face of anyone. With that, people play Indian songs in a loud volume and dance on the beats. This celebration is absolutely free for everyone, and no one charges a fee to be there.

Tourist attraction:

Every year, thousands of foreigners come to Pushkar to witness Holi celebrations. They love to apply color on your face and click a photo with you.

If you want to witness a wild Holi 2020, Pushkar is a place to visit with no other option to consider. So plan it in time and be there with your friends and family.