Holi 2020 in Pondicherry Celebrations in Union State of India

Holi spreads its color throughout India and its union states too. It has an enormous significance in Pondicherry also. Let’s know the uniqueness of this state in celebrating Holi.

Holi 2020 in Pondicherry:

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Pondicherry is also known as Puducherry. It was a French colony in the past, but now it is a union territory of India. Tamil Nadu surrounds Pondicherry from three sides. And the fourth side is the Bay of Bengal. This place has a little association with the Holi festival. Still, people come together to enjoy it.

Celebrations of Holi:

On the day of Holi, people go to the homes of their friends and family to spread love. They forget all the sorrows and start a new beginning. The coasts wear colors of Holi even days before the day of the event.

Use of organic colors:

People of Pondicherry take care of the issues that artificial colors can cause. So they follow the spirit of eco-friendly Holi and only use natural colors for the purpose.

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Parties on Holi:

Offices, colleges, and universities organize parties on the day of Holi for their people. Everyone comes together and enjoy the occasion with their fellows to the fullest.

If you want to witness an utterly organic color of Holi 2020, visit Pondicherry. You will also get the taste of the traditions and culture of another civilization.