Holi Playing with Eggs in 2020 – Celebration that Everyone Doesn’t like

We all know that Holi means the festival of colors. Sometimes the celebrations also get dirty as it involves playing with mud. But that is a bit sober. The weirdest and dirty Holi is that people play by throwing eggs in each other. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Holi Playing with Eggs in 2020:

holi playing with eggs

No one likes an egg hit on the face while walking on a roadside. But you are most likely to experience it when it is Holi in India. So be ready and protect yourself if you don’t like it.

Why playing Holi with eggs:

When we talk about the after-effects of using Holi colors, throwing eggs on each other seems healthy. But that’s not a justification. Because it is the wastage of Eggs. Along with that, broken eggs create a lot of mess. Especially if you throw it on the windscreens of a car. So it is better not to adopt this practice.

The notorious place for Egg hit:

If you are in Mysuru and Holi is coming in a few days, beware. Because you can receive an egg hit when you are out of the home. It doesn’t matter if you are walking on a roadside, riding a bicycle, or driving a car. It is always risky. Especially around the roads of colleges. The government does various actions against this act, but still, there is no guarantee that you are safe.

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If you still want to celebrate Holi using eggs, do it at your own risk. We recommend you not to attack a stranger. Throw it to only those people who permit you to do so. Because the fun will not last long, but the relations have to.