Holi Pichkari in 2020 – Water Guns and Water Bottles

When it is Holi, only dry colors are not enough. People also use colors mixed in water to throw in each other. The mixture can be in a bucket placed on a balcony. And a passerby from the street can receive a full of it. Because it is Holi, and no one will mind it. But when it comes to the water fight, Pichkari is the most suitable option. In modern times, water guns have replaced traditional Pichkaris. Let’s learn about them.

Holi Pichkari in 2020:

holi pichkari

As modern equipment always over rights the older ones. Water guns tried to replace the Pichkaris. But traditional Pichkari has its own charm. It is a small cylinder that is filled with colored water. Same as the injection. People fill it from a bigger stock of colored water and use it to attack each other secretly. It can be very small to very large.

Use of water guns instead of Pichkari:

Water guns have a lot more capacity than Pichkari. Also, they are much efficient in usage. Its coverage area is also longer. That’s why in modern Holi celebrations, people use water guns instead of Pichkari.

Homemade Holi Pichkari:

If you want to celebrate Holi and you don’t have either Pichkari or a water gun, no worries. You will surely have a plastic bottle at home. Make a small hole in the middle of the bottle cap. You can take the help of a hot rod of steel for the purpose. You can also drill as many holes on the bottle cap as you like. The next step is to fill the bottle with colored water. Now you just have to squeeze it on to the people you want to play Holi with. So you are ready to celebrate Holi with a homemade Pichkari.

Celebrate Holi to the fullest. This is the day on which you can lose control. Be happy and colorful. And also make others filled in colors too. We wish you the best of luck with the water fight this Holi 2020.