Holi Paint in 2020 – Thick Paint and Spray Paint

A variety of colors for Holi celebrations is never-ending. You can find variations in dry and wet colors too. Holi Pichkari is a famous wet color. But the Paint also has a significant role in the Holi festival. Let’s know what is unique in it.

Holi Paint in 2020:

holi paint

Paint for Holi celebrations is thicker than Pichkari. It is also a mixture of water and colors, but the thickness makes it unique. Its stains are long-lasting and are more visible than a dull watercolor. While you decide to be a part of the water fight on Holi 2020, make sure to buy it as significant fighting equipment.

How to use Paint:

You can fill the paint in a water gun to attack your opponent team on the Holi fight. If you want to attack someone abruptly, you can fill the paint into a bucket. All you need to do is to throw the full of it on the target. And he will be full in paint in just blink of an eye. With that, paint is also available as paint sprays. There are many brands available that are making paint sprays in many colors.

Precautions to use Paint:

Always buy high-quality paint to play Holi. While you use it, make sure that the eyes and ears of the targeted person are not in direct contact with the paint. Make sure to take a bath after you are done with playing with colors and paints. In case of any irritation, consult your doctor urgently.

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Paint is a must to celebrate Holi. It is much popular in India and making its way to other parts of the world too. Buy it to celebrate Holi in 2020 to enjoy the colors to the fullest.