Holi in Malaysia 2020

Holi is a celebration of love that happens all over the world. But its full colors can be seen in India only. Indians that live in other parts of the world miss the celebrations of Holi in their homeland. That’s the reason that each year Indian communities around the world prepare to make the party a huge hit. Many Indian residents are living in Malaysia, so let”s discover how they celebrate Holi.

Holi Malaysia:

Although Holi celebrations take place all over Malaysia, but Kuala Lumpur is the biggest destination. Let’s know in detail what happens here on Holi.

Celebrations in Kuala Lumpur:

There is a famous Shree Lakshmi Narayan Mandir in Kuala Lumpur’s Sentul area. Every year thousands of people come here to celebrate Holi. If we say that it is the busiest destination of Holi celebrations in Malaysia, it will not be wrong. It is also noted that the celebrations here are marked as the largest gathering of Malaysia.

You can hear the vibration of the music even when you have not entered into the temple. Most of the participants wear white clothes to celebrate Holi. If you want to remain clean, don’t you dare come here. Because the cleaner you look, it appeals to more people to throw colors on you.

Other celebrations:

At other locations in Malaysia, people gather together to play Holi. They cook traditional Indian food and revive the feeling of being in their homeland.

If you are in Malaysia in 2020, find the Indian community near you. And you will surely not feel being away from home anymore this Holi.