Holi 2020 in Hampi – Celebrations in a Village of Karnataka

People assume that south India does not celebrate Holi as the people of north India do. But in Karnataka, there are many religious temples of Hindus where people from around the world come to celebrate Holi, one of them is Hampi village.

Holi 2020 in Hampi:

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Hampi is a village in the state of Karnataka at the bank of River Tungabhadra. It is also famous for Hindu Virupaksha Temple, which is there from the 7th century. Holi celebrations continue here for two days.

Holika Dahan:

People light a bonfire an evening before Holi. It marks the beginning of the festival and celebration of the victory of good over evil. People sing and dance around the fire to celebrate the occasion.

Holi of colors in Hampi:

On the next day of Holika Dahan, people gather on streets and roads to play with colors. They splash dry and wet colors on each other and dance on the beats of the drum. It continues throughout the day.

Dip in the river:

After playing with colors, everyone comes to the river Tungabhadra and have a dive in it. This way, all the colors wash away, and everyone takes this bath as all the sins are washed away.

If you want to witness Holi 2020 in Karnataka, be there in Hampi. You will surely love it.