Holi 2020 in Gwalior – Rangpanchami

Central India has its own unique way of Holi celebrations. And when it comes to Madhya Pradesh, Marathi traditions bought here by Maratha Holkars are of enormous significance. Let’s know the color of Holi 2020 in Gwalior.

Holi 2020 in Gwalior:

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Gwalior is the city in Madhya Pradesh that is famous for its ancient landmarks. People of Gwalior celebrate Holi with an enormous enthusiasm here. It is also known as Rangpanchami here and continues for 5 days.

Holika Dahan:

Like all over the world, people of Gwalior start the celebrations of Holi by lighting a bonfire. For this purpose, people gather wood logs and dry leaves. And burn it in the evening after sunset. Then they sing and dance around to celebrate the victory of good over bad.

Pancham Holi:

It is the last and the 5th day of Rangpanchami. So be ready to say Happy Rangpanchmi. People get out of their houses to play with colors. They use dry color powder and Pichkaris full of colored water to make sure no one has a clean face and clothes.

Evening after Holi in Gwalior:

After playing with colors, people get dressed again. Then they go to visit their friends and family members and have dinner together. It is to enhance the bonds in relationships and spread love.

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If you want to witness Rangpanchami in 2020. Gwalior can prove to be a perfect destination. Come here, and you will have memories for the rest of your life.