Holi 2020 in Guntur – Celebrations in Densely Populated City in India

South India is said to be not concerned much about Holi. But it is not true. People enjoy it with enormous enthusiasm in many areas of Andhra Pradesh. Let’s know about the celebrations of Holi in Guntur.

Holi 2020 in Guntur:

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Guntur is said to be among the most densely populated cities in the whole world. It is situated 40 miles away from the Bay of Bengal in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Holika Dahan:

People gather wood logs and dry leaves to light a bonfire. It marks the beginning of the Holi festival in the evening before the day of Holi. People sing and dance around the fire to celebrate the victory of good over evil spirits.

Holi of colors:

Besides playing with colors in the open air, young children follow another tradition too. They seek blessings from elders by putting Gulal on their feet. The celebration starts after this act.

Food of Holi in Guntur:

In homes, people prepare a variety of dishes to feed the family and every guest who will come to visit in the evening. And then everyone eats together to enhance the feel of love.

To witness a unique Holi 2020 in south India, Guntur can prove to be a perfect destination. Be there with your family and friends, and make lifetime memories together.