Bhang Ke Vade on Holi 2020 – Drink Recipe, not a Pakora

A Pakora is known as Vada in south India. It is a prominent part of traditional Indian food. So when the name of a dish has Vada or Vade in it, we assume it will be a snack. But not in each case. Because we are going to tell you about a Vada, which is a drink. Yeah, really, that is the Bhang Ke Vade recipe for Holi. Let’s know about this child of the Vada family.

Bhang Ke Vade Recipe on Holi 2020:

bhang ke vade

Vada is a south Indian snack with as many variations as you can imagine. One of them is Bhang Ke Vade. Don’t assume that it will look like Vada. Because it is a drink all the way from Rajhastan. Let’s see how you can make it at home this Holi 2020.

Ingredients of Bhang Ke Vade:

Add the following ingredients in the measurement written below to have a perfect Bhang Ka Vada.

Water1.5 liters
Sugar1.5 cups
Milk1 cup
Almonds1 tablespoon
Kharbooj/Tarbooj skinned seeds1 tablespoon
Khuskhus (poppy seeds)1/2 tablespoon
Saunf (aniseed)1/2 tablespoon
Cardamom powder1/2 tablespoon
Rosewater1/2 tablespoon
Whole peppercorns1 teaspoon
Dried or fresh rose petals1/4 cup

Making Bhang Ke Vade

Soak sugar in a half-liter of water and keep it aside. Wash all the dry ingredients, excluding cardamom powder carefully. Soak all in 2 cups of water and keep it aside too. When at least 2 hours pass for both, grind all the soaked ingredients except sugar to make a very fine paste. Then add the remaining water into it.

Tie a piece of strong muslin cloth over a deep vessel to be used as a strainer. Put the mixture into it and press with both of your hands. So that all the liquid drains out. Repeat the process and add a little of the remaining water each time you do it. Keep on repeating the process until the mixture becomes dry and like a husk.

Now add sugar, rose water, cardamom powder, and milk into the extracted liquid. Chill it for at least an hour then serve.

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This was an easy recipe for a refreshing drink on Holi 2020. Add this to your menu, and everyone will love it.

Kanji Ke Vade on Holi 2020 – Complete Recipe with Ingredients

The snack story of Holi is never-ending. So you must add a variety of snacks in your Holi menu in 2020 so that everyone can taste as many traditional Indian foods as possible. One of the best options is the Kanji Ke Vade recipe that is a must-have on Holi. Let’s know what it is.

Kanji Ke Vade Recipe on Holi 2020:

kanji ke vade

It is a sort of Pakora made of dal and other nutritional ingredients. It tastes different yet outstanding. Let’s see how you can make it at home on Holi 2020.

Ingredients of Kanji Ke Vade:

Use the following ingredients in quantity written below to make the perfect Kanji Ke Vade.

Urad dal1 kg
Hing2 small pieces
Salt3 teaspoon
Rai (ground)4 teaspoon
Red chilies (pounded)2 teaspoon
Water9 liters
OilFor deep frying
Whole red chiliesFor garnish

Preparing the batter:

Soak urad dal overnight. In the morning, grind it in the shape of a fine paste. It should be as consistent as cake’s batter. After that, whisk it so that it becomes a fluffy mixture.

Frying Vadas:

Preheat oil in a deep frying pan. Put a piece of wet cloth on your palm. Put some mixture onto it and make it flatter and round Vada. Now slide it into the hot oil. Slide many Vadas into the oil as the pan allows without every Vada sticking each other. Deep fry till they turn golden brown.

Adding Kanji to the Vada:

Preheat a tawa and put hing on it. When the hing starts emitting its aroma, put an earthenware pot on it upside down. So that the pot can soak all the smell of the hing. After that, put it aside and fill it with warm water. Mix salt, red chili powder, whole red chilies, and rai into it. Now put the fried Vadas into the pot. Securely tie a clean muslin cloth on the top of the pot. This way, the container will remain in sunlight for eight days. And after that, Kanji Ke Vade are ready to be served.

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This is an easy yet time taking dish to make this Holi 2020. So take out some time before it is too late to be the part of the Holi menu.

Sweet Kachoris on Holi 2020 – Ingredients and Recipe

Festivals of colors Holi also has a vibrant color. And that is sweet snacks. Indian traditional delicious snacks are a must to eat if you are celebrating Holi and one of them is the Sweet Kachoris recipe. Let’s learn what it is and how we can make it at home.

Sweet Kachoris Recipe on Holi 2020:

sweet kachori

A fried sweet made of heavenly ingredients is known as Sweet Kachori. People love to have it on Holi. So you must also make it a part of your Holi menu. Let’s see how you can make it at home.

Ingredients of Sweet Kachoris:

Use all the ingredients listed below and take care of the measurements.

For dough:

Flour250 grams
Besan1 tablespoon
Ghee1 tablespoon
WaterFor kneading
OilFor deep frying

For filling:

Caster sugar100 grams
Khoya150 grams
Chopped dried fruits100 grams
Green cardamom seeds1/4 teaspoon

For saffron Syrup:

Sugar250 grams
Water250 ml
Saffron strands (soaked in 1 tbsp water)1/2 teaspoon

Preparing the dough:

First of all, sieve the flour and besan into a bowl. Put ghee of your fingertips and rub it onto the flour. Add water as per requirement and knead it well to make a smooth dough. Cover it and keep aside for almost 15 minutes.

Preparing the filling:

Simply mix all the ingredients.

Preparing the syrup:

Dissolve sugar into water and boil it for 15 minutes. Stir it continuously and add saffron.

Making the Sweet Kachoris:

Divide the dough into small balls. After that, roll it in a circle of 4-inch diameter. Put the filling in the center of the roll and wrap it with another dough circle on it. Use water to seal the edges. Preheat oil and fry Kachoris over a low flame. Cook until it turns golden brown. Take it out and place it on a stainer, so that excess water drains out. While you serve, break the Kachori from the top and add 1 tablespoon of saffron syrup on it.

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This is how you can make Sweet Kachoris easily at home. This will add a sweet color to your Holi 2020 menu. So why not try it. Also, don’t forget to give feedback about your experience.

Malpura on Holi 2020 – Heavenly Sweet Discs Recipe

The festival of colors cannot end without traditional Indian sweets. Malpura is a favorite sweet snack recipe of the whole subcontinent, and when it is Holi, Indians love to have it no matter in which part of the world they are. So let the Malpura story begin.

Malpura Recipe on Holi 2020:


This delicious sweet treat is full of fat and nutrition. People love it when served fresh. This small, round, and sweet circle have a heavenly taste. Let’s learn how we can make it at home.

Ingredients of Malpura:

To make Malpura at home, use the following ingredients. This is an easy yet tricky dish, so take care of the measurements.

Fine wheat flour3 cups
Suji (fine semolina)1 cup
Gur (grated jaggery)2 cups
Ghee2 tablespoons
Peppercorns1 tablespoon
Milk2 cups
Curd1 tablespoon
SaltA pinch
SodaA pinch

Preparing the Malpura mixture:

Put flour, gur, suji, milk, and pinch of salt into a saucepan. Beat the ingredients for almost 7 minutes until it becomes light and fluggy. Slightly grind the peppercorns and add them into the mixture. Also, heat ghee a bit and add it into the batter. Mix the ingredients well, cover the saucepan, and leave it for about 8 hours in a warm place.

Frying the Malpura:

The mixture will have risen after the said time. Stir it well. If it seems thick, add some milk or water and stir it. Keep on adding and stirring until the mixture until it gets the pouring consistency. Now add a pinch of soda and lime juice into it. Now the Malpura is ready to be fried.

Preheat ghee in a deep frying pan. Lower the flame when the ghee it heated. Now pour one tablespoon of the mixture into hot ghee. Fry until it gets golden brown from both sides. Also, splash to make Malpura crispy and porous. Take out and place on a strainer so that extra ghee drains out.

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Now your hot, sweet, and crispy Malpuras are ready to add another color to your Holi. Make it a part of your Holi menu 2020, and everyone will love it for sure.

Dahi Bhalle on Holi 2020 – The Refreshing Recipe

As people play Holi outdoors in direct sunlight, they need something refreshing. Dahi Bhalle is a recipe made with highly nutritious ingredients and are an excellent choice for healthy eaters too on Holi. Let’s know what this dish is and how we can make it at home.

Dahi Bhalle Recipe on Holi 2020:

dahi bhalle

Bhalle are made with lentils and are then added into curd. The refreshing taste will satisfy your thirst and hunger all at once. See how you can make Dahi Bhalle at home this Holi 2020.

Ingredients of Dahi Bhalle:

To make the perfect Dahi Bhalle, use the following ingredients, and take care of the measurements.

For the Bhalles:

Dhili urad dal (lentils)200 grams
Water600 ml
Salt1/2 teaspoon
Cumin seeds1 teaspoon
Chopped ginger2 teaspoon
Green chilies5 grams
Oil250 ml

For the curd mixture:

Thick beaten curd400 ml
Sugar1 teaspoon
Cumin powder3/4 teaspoon
Black rock salt1/2 teaspoon
White pepper powder1/2 teaspoon

For the garnishing:

Julienned ginger1 teaspoon
Julienned green chilies1 teaspoon
Chopped coriander leaves5 grams
Chili powderA pinch
Cumin powderA pinch
Sprigs mint leaves4
Tamarind chitney40 ml

Making of Bhalle:

Soak urad dal into the water for about two hours after proper cleaning. Then grind it to make a fine paste after draining. Add little water if required, so that the paste looks fine. Add salt, green chilies, cumin seeds and ginger in it. Mix all the ingredients well. With that, shape them into small balls of even size. Preheat oil in a deep frying pan and cook the little balls in it. Deep fry until they turn golden brown. After that, put the balls on a paper towel to drain excess oil. Now soak the fried balls into lukewarm water until they are soft.

Preparing the curd mixture – Dahi:

By the time, prepared balls are soaked, make the curd mixture. For that, beat the curd first. Add salt, sugar, black rock salt, cumin powder, and white pepper powder into it. Mix all ingredients well.

Combining Dahi and Bhalle together:

Take out Bhalle from water and slightly squeeze each one to remove excess water. Put the Bhalle into the curd mixture and set the dish aside for about 15 minutes. This way, Dahi will get into Bhalle and will give you a perfect traditional taste.

Serving Dahi Bhalle:

Serve the dish when chilled. But before that, you must garnish it. Garnish the dish with ginger, coriander leaves, green chilies, cumin powder, chili powder, mint leaves, and tamarind chutney.

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This traditional Indian dish is also served as a starter or a snack. You can have it the way you want. But your Holi 2020 will be incomplete without it.