Dal Makhani on Holi 2020 – Recipe that Everyone Loves to Eat

When it is Holi, there is food. As in the evening, people love to eat a meal together. Dal Makhani is a special recipe that Indians love to eat on Holi. So let’s learn how to make it at home.

Dal Makhani Recipe on Holi 2020:

dal makhani on holi

Dal is a nutritional food to eat, and when it is cooked in Makhan, it becomes yummier. So make it on Holi and impress everyone.

Ingredients of Dal Makhani:

The following are the ingredients of Dal Makhani.

Sabut urad dal2 cups
Water8 cups
Salt2 tablespoons
Ginger (sliced)1 tablespoon
Butter2 tablespoons
Oil1 tablespoon
Shahi jeera2 teaspoons
Kasoori methi1 teaspoon
Tomato puree2 cups
Chili powder1 teaspoon
Sugar1 teaspoon
Cream1/2 cups
Green chiliesfor garnishing

Making of Dal Makhani on Holi:

Add water into a saucepan and put it onto the stove. Add dal, one tablespoon salt, and ginger into it. Cook until the dal becomes tender. Now set it aside.

Take another pan and heat butter and oil into it. Add shahi jeera and kasoori methi into it and cook until they began to splutter. Now add tomato puree, remaining salt, sugar, and chili powder into it. Fry the mixture on high flame until the oil separates.

Now add cooked dal into it and cook until the mixture boils. Cook until you gain the desired consistency and then remove it from the stove. Leave it without any cover to simmer. Now add cream and stir so that the cream blends into the dal well. Now garnish it with green chilies and serve.

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Serve Dal Makhani with chapatis or boiled rice. Both will taste amazing as the dal itself is mouth-watering.

Lassi on Holi 2020 – A Refreshing Yogurt Shake Recipe

Holi is an outdoor celebration and needs something refreshing recipe and to drink if it is Lassi, then no worries. Because it is a tradition of India, and Punjab the most, so let’s learn to make it at home.

Lassi Recipe on Holi 2020:

lassi on holi

Lassi has few essential ingredients, and you can add as many variants in the recipe as you want. Here we will talk about the basic and most famous Lassi.

Ingredients of Lassi:

You will need the following ingredients:

Cold plain yogurt2 cups
Chilled water or milk1 cup

Making of Lassi on Holi:

Put yogurt and water into a blender. Blend it until it turns creamy. You can also use milk instead of water. It will make it more delicious and creamy. But it is purely up to your own choice.

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So make it at home this Holi, and everyone will love it. No matter how many glasses of Lassi you will make, it will end up, and everyone will ask for some more.

Besan Papdi on Holi 2020 – Crispy Snack Recipe for Everyone

Holi demands something crispy, and Besan Papdi can prove to be the best recipe. So here we have written the easy recipe that you can make at home. So read it out.

Besan Papdi Recipe on Holi 2020:

besan papdi on holi

Besan is always nutritious to eat. And when it is Holi, everyone wants it to be in the form of Papdi. You might assume it is difficult to make. But not anymore with the recipe below.

Ingredients of Besan Papdi:

To make Besan Papdi, see the ingredients chart below:

Gram flour200 grams
Urad dal flour50 grams
Refined flour50 grams
Asafoetida2-3 pinches
Cumin seeds1/2 teaspoon
SaltTo taste
Baking soda1/2 teaspoon
Red chili powder1/4 teaspoon
Black pepper1/2 teaspoon
Oil4 tablespoons + for frying

Making of Besan Papdi on Holi:

Strain urad dal flour and gram flour into a sieve. Now add asafoetida, cumin seeds, salt, baking soda, red chili powder,  and black pepper into it. Add oil to knead the dough. When the dough gets the fine texture, cover it, and set aside for almost an hour.

After an hour, grease your hands and knead the dough again. Divide it into small parts and roll it to one-inch thickness. Now use a knife to cut down the dough to 1/2 inch. Now take each piece and roll it in diameter of 2 to 3 inches. Put some dry flour onto it and roll it again until it reaches the diameter of 4 to 5 inches.

Now put all of them one over each other over a plate. Now heat oil in a pan. After that, put one Papdi into it. Keep on tossing it until it turns golden brown. After frying, put Papdis on white paper so that excess oil drains out. Now store them in a dry airtight jar. You can now serve it anytime.

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Make your Holi 2020 crispy by making this Besan Papdi. Your guests will surely love it, and you will receive a lot of praise from everyone.

Channa Chaat on Holi 2020 – Chickpeas Chaat Recipe

The flavor of food is a must when it is Holi. So people want to add variety in the menu with dishes that are easy to make. Here we will tell you how you can make Channa Chaat with an easy recipe at home this Holi 2020.

Channa Chaat Recipe on Holi:

Channa chaat on Holi

Channa chaat is also known as chickpeas chaat, which people love to eat on every occasion. The main ingredient is chickpeas with all the spices you like to add. So you can add many varieties besides this recipe too. But the flavor of this recipe is a guarantee. So why not try it as it is.

Ingredients of Channa Chaat:

Chickpeas1 cup
Green capsicum1 chopped
Green chili1 chopped
Lemon juice3 teaspoons
Black pepper1 teaspoon
Salt1 pinch
Tomato1 chopped
Onion1 chopped
Chaat masala powder1 teaspoon
Grated carrot2 teaspoons
Chopped coriander leaves1 handful

Making Channa Chaat on Holi:

Add a pinch of salt to chickpeas. Put them in a deep saucepan filled with water. Now cook them in pressure until they are properly cooked. Drain the access water by putting chickpeas into a strainer.

Chop capsicum, tomato, onion, and green chilies. Mix them all together into a bowl and set aside. You can also set each one aside separately.

When it is time to serve, add carrot and other chopped vegetables to the chickpeas. Add lemon juice, chaat masala powder, and black pepper to the mixture and mix everything well. So the Channa Chaat is now ready to serve.

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So make your Holi amazing by adding this easy to make dish. Everyone will surely love it, and it is nutritious too. Make it spicy as much as you want, but trying it is a must.

Phirni on Holi 2020 – Firni – Kheer – Irresistible Sweet Delight Recipe

The sweet taste is a must when it is Holi. So why not try Phirni recipe on Holi 2020. Let’s know how you can make it easily at home.

Phirni Recipe on Holi 2020:

phirni on holi

Phirni is a delicious sweet dish that is refreshing too. It’s a must-have on the menu of every occasion. No matter if it is a marriage ceremony or a religious occasion. Let’s learn the easy recipe of Phirni here. You may also know it as Firni or Kheer.

Ingredients of Phirni:

Soaked basmati rice100 grams
Khoya100 grams
cashews4 teaspoons
Powdered sugar1/2 cup
Raisins1 tablespoon
Milk1 liter
Almonds4 teaspoons
Green cardamom1 teaspoon
Pistachios4 teaspoons

Making of Phirni on Holi:

Soak rice into the water and set aside for about 2 hours. Now chop almonds, pistachios, and cashew. Keep this mixture aside too. Now put the milk into a deep saucepan and cook on a medium flame.

After that, wash the rice thoroughly and drain the access water. Then grind the rice to make a fine paste. Now add rice into the boiling milk and keep cooking it until the milk reduces to half and rice is cooked.

Grate khoya and add it into the mixture of milk and rice. Cook until it completely dissolves. After that, add sugar and cook for 7 minutes again. Keep on stirring otherwise it will stick onto the pan. Now add the chopped paste into it, leaving a few for garnishing later. When it turns pinkish, add cardamom powder and remove it from fire.

Put it into the serving dish and garnish with chopped dry fruits. Refrigerate it for about 2 hours and serve chilled.

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Phirni is easy to make and always tastes amazing. So why not try it on Holi 2020. You will surely receive a lot of praise from everyone.