Holi and Flowers in 2020 – How We Use Them in Celebrations

Holi is a festival of colors, and when we add natural colors to our celebrations, it becomes more fantastic. We are talking about adding flowers into the Holi. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Holi and Flowers in 2020:

holi flowers

Flowers are a must when it is Holi. And most commonly, when you want to celebrate it more organically. Here we will tell you about different ways to use flowers in the festival of colors.

Flower Petals:

People gather flower petals of different colors on the day of Holi. So they throw these petals on each other. It looks like a shower of flower petals and is a fantastic substitute for the dry color powder.

Flower Garlands:

When it is Holi, when people gather for color play, they throw flower garlands into each other’s neck. It is a way of greeting each other. It marks the beginning of the Holi celebrations.

See where it is a tradition to begin Holi by offering garlands here.

Decorating Houses:

It is Holi, so the house should also look colorful and fragrant. So the best option that comes in everyone’s mind is decorating the home with different flowers.

Organic color powder:

To make the organic color powder, people spread flower petals under the sun so that they can get dry. After that, they grind those petals in the form of a powder. That is a healthy substitute for the artificial Holi color powder. The red and yellow are the most common colors that people get out of flowers.

Spring festival:

Holi also marks the beginning of the spring season, and spring is mostly associated with flowers. So we can say that flowers are an integral part of Holi celebrations.

So make your Holi 2020 colorful and healthy by using flowers for the color play and all such activities. It will be a safe celebration for your friends and family.