Holi Drawing in 2021 – Sketch and Art DIYs for the Whole Family

Celebrate the festival of colors, doing something unique in 2021. Try drawing some sketch or a piece of art yourself on Holi. Also, involve your kids in this activity to make your Holi memorable. Let’s explore how you can do it.

Holi Drawing for 2021:

holi clipart 9


Sketch someone celebrating the festival of colors, ask your kids to color it, and it will be a masterpiece of art by your family. The idea is excellent. Let’s discuss it in more detail with us.

Sketching ideas:

Sketching is not a hard job. But many people feel it is difficult. If you are one among those, try drawing some simple images. You can sketch a Pichkari, or a pot full of Gulal simply. If your expertise is intermediate, you can draw trees, people, flowers, and anything you want to sketch. And if you are expert at sketching, make a detailed sketch of people celebrating Holi.

Coloring Fun:

If you have kids in your family, bring them coloring books on Holi. But the best practice is to draw them some sketches yourself. Then ask them to color it. It will be fun and informative. As you can tell kids about the mystery of characters relating to Holi that they are painting. This way, they will not get bored and will also learn something new.

Create a masterpiece:

If you are not a professional painter and you want to be one, Holi is the perfect time to explore your inner skills. Just bring a canvas and try making a masterpiece onto it. It will be amazing, even if it is not perfect. Because you will experience something new in life. If you don’t have any idea about what to paint, uniquely write some Holi greetings on to the canvas.

Do you like our ideas for art, sketch, and drawing for Holi? Are you ready to experiment with it in 2021? If that happens, don’t forget to write back to us about what you feel doing it.