Extracts From Personal Diaries About Holi

The festival of colors is celebrated all around the world. But its colors get more vibrant when it is in India. After the celebration ends, some people like to write their experience at the Holi festival in their diary. Let’s read a few of these here with us.

Holi Diary, 2020:

holi ogden

Diary is a best friend as it keeps all the memories with you forever. So why not write about the Holi 2020 in it. If you don’t know how to write, read some paragraphs in English from personal diaries below.

A Kid Who Was Afraid of Holi:

Holi is a spring festival mainly in India and also in some other parts of South Asia. It is also known to be the festival of colors. On this day, all the friends and family members celebrate and enjoy themselves by coloring each other’s faces and making them look like Aliens.

When I was a little kid, I was very much scared of people with the painted face when they came to our home to wish Holi. I used to lock myself into a room whenever anyone with a colored face came in front of me. As per my imagination, these guys were converted into vampires, and they wanted me to be a vampire too.
But with time, as I have grown, my fear of the Holi festival decreased. And now, I enjoy painting everyone’s face with colors and love. So I decided to write a short paragraph on my favorite festival Holi.

British Celebrating Holi in India:

I am British, and here we don’t know much about Holi. So I decided to experience Holi with all its festivities. This decision of mine took me to India. So I am writing in my diary all that I witnessed and enjoyed at the Holi festival in India.

I was with the thousands of other people to celebrate the beginning of Holi. We sang songs, and there were speeches and prayers too. Then a great bonfire was lit. Everyone was given a handful of wood and dry leaves to throw into the fire. It symbolically represents that we are throwing our negativity into the fire to get rid of it. Everyone was dancing and chattering around the fire during all this.

The next day was Holi. I went to a mango grove where there were songs, speeches, and skits. Everyone was throwing colored powders in the air and rubbing it on each other’s faces.

I loved the craziness with which the spiritual festival brings together everyone in India. I made many new friends there. My mind stimulated, and my heart was opened. The experience was memorable for the rest of my life.

Missing Grandmother on Holi:

Today was Holi, and we celebrate it with full joy and happiness. It is the only festival I love because all the people celebrate the festival together despite if they are angry with us. We played Holi with color powders and Pichkaris. My mom made Gujiyas and sweets for all of us. She follows the recipes of my grandmother, who was a good cook. I wish she could be here to cook all this herself as I used to love her so much.

In the evening, I put on my new dress after playing the Holi and taking a bath. Then I danced on the beats by DJ in the evening with my cousins, brothers, and sisters.

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We hope now you are ready to write the experience of Holi 2020 in your diary now. We would love to read an extract from your diary too. If you like, submit it to us.