Holi Dhamal in 2020 – A Fantastic Experience in Rajasthan

Dance and music are a must when it is Holi in India. Rajasthan celebrates Holi with an event where people do Dhamal on the beats of Dhol. Let’s know all about it in detail here.

Holi Dhamal, 2020:

holi dhamal

Holi, when enters Rajasthan it brings Dhamal along with it. Dhamal is a dance form in which people turn around, particularly on the beats of dhol. And the Dholi, the Dhol man, also turns around.

There is a round dance floor, as you can see in the picture above. It is the same as the ring of wrestling. Every year thousands of people come to witness the fantastic Dhamal performance. Three parties together perform this Dhamal.

The Dholis:

Dholi is a person that specializes in playing the drum (dhol). There are many when it comes to Dhamal. So they all play the drum in the same way without even the difference of a second. With playing the drum, they also dance.

The singers:

Singers are of two types in Dhamal. One group sits outside of the ring and sings the songs. The other singers are the Dholis that occasionally sing the songs too.

The Dhamal players:

These are the professional dancers that do the Dhamal in actual. They dance on the beats of the Dhol and follow the directions of the songs too. They are both men and women. While doing Dhamal, every dancer follows the same steps without any lag.

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If you are new to India, and you are coming to attend Holi 2020 here. You must witness such a dance performance. It will be an experience that you will surely remember for the rest of your life.