Holi Dance in 2020 – What Moves You Can Expect to Witness

Holi festival is full of dance and music besides playing with colors. And that is not a simple dance. Let’s explore what you can expect and where you can witness some fantastic dance moves on the festival of colors in 2020.

Holi Dance in 2020:

holi dance

Dance is an integral part of Indian culture. And people perform various dance forms at every festival. The same is the story of Holi. So, here we will talk about some unique yet exciting dance performances all over India that you can witness on Holi 2020.

Thabal Chongba:

People of Manipur perform this fantastic dance at the Holi festival. In the past, people used to do it on the beats of dhol, but now they play songs to dance on. But, the importance of dhol is still there.

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Yatra Holi Sandhya:

It is a music and dance performance that provides a fruitful food to your soul. The surprising fact is that this Yatra is going to happen in Australia.

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Dandi Khela:

Dandi Khela is a dance form that is more than a game. People also know it by the name of Dandiya. To perform Dandiya, people hold sticks in both hands. They play loud music and strike the sticks together and turn around.

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Bengali dance:

There is a place in West Bengal where people present a cultural show with fantastic dance performances on Holi. It is a tourist attraction for people from all over the world on Holi.

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Khadi Holi and Baithki Holi:

It is a unique Holi celebration somewhere in India. People gather together and sing and dance on the beat of the dhol. It presents a fantastic sight.

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Bhangra is a popular dance form all over India. Especially when it is Holi. But there is a state that is an expert in doing the Bhangra.

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Gair at Godaji:

Godaji is a small village where men from 12 villages get together to perform a unique dance known as Gair. Thousand of tourists every year come to witness Gair at Godaji.

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So select at least one dance performance to witness on Holi 2020. It will surely be a memorable experience for the rest of your life.