Holi Culture and Cultural Appropriation in 2020 around the World

All over the world, people love to celebrate Holi. But do they all know the cause behind celebrating Holi? It is not necessary because not everyone in the world knows all about the culture of Hindus and Holi. Let’s discuss this matter in detail.

Holi Culture in 2020:

about holi

The culture of Holi is in the roots of Hinduism. So when people from other religions come to celebrate it, it is not the real sense of Holi. In other words, we can say that the Holi that other people celebrate is not culturally appropriate.

Cultural background of Holi:

Holi is the festival to celebrate the end of winter and beginning of spring season. People also call it a new beginning because it is a season when fresh flowers grow. Another reason to celebrate Holi is the immortal love of Hindu Gods Krishna and Radha. The color play of Holi is the celebration of their love. People also relate this festival to the victory of Prahlad over the demoness Holika. They lite bonfire to pay tribute to the victory of good over evil.

Read the details about the above mentioned historical and cultural backgrounds of Holi here.

Cultural appropriation of Holi:

Hindus all over the world, most commonly in India, know all the cultural backgrounds of Holi. No matter how modern they become, they still obey and follow all their customs. So if you want to see the true cultural appropriation of Holi, you must visit India during Holi 2020.

Not culturally appropriate Holi:

You may have seen or heard about many Holi celebrations all over the world. They take place around the year and are not specific to the days during which Hindus celebrate Holi. They all have taken out the color play and eating food out of original Holi celebrations. And not ever bothered to know about its true meaning.

One of such famous event is ‘The Color Run’. Learn all about it in detail here.

So whenever you plan to attend such an event in any part of the world, make sure it is culturally appropriate.