Holi Crafts in 2021 – Fun Activities for Kids and Adults

Holi is so much fun. But you can make it exciting for you and your kids by making a few crafts related to Holi. Have you any idea what it can be? Read the article till the end, and you will find many ideas for the crafts.

Holi Crafts, 2021:

holi crafts

Craft is something that you create with your hands. Holi becomes more fantastic when you do a few of these to make the event memorable. Let’s craft the idea of crafting with us.

People in colors:

Cut the cardboard or chart paper in the shape of a person. After that, throw different colors randomly on it. Make sure you have cut at least 10 of it. After you are done, you will have a crowd of people of paper that are full of Holi colors. It will look like a family who is celebrating Holi. You can paste all of them on to a chart paper. Place that chart paper on to a wall. And it will look amazing.

Coloring pages:

Draw a few pictures with a pencil or pen on a white paper. The image should relate to Holi. For example, it can be a picture of a Pichkari or a bowl that is full of Gulal. Ask your kids to color these pictures. That will be an exciting activity for toddlers.

Greeting cards:

Wish your loved ones happy Holi with some handmade greeting cards. Make the cover of the card on the base of Holi. Make it colorful. Like you have seen in Bollywood movies. Write the beautiful Holi related quotes into it with color markers. Make it in a way that the recipient loves it.

Make Holi colors:

Try making Holi color powder yourself. That’s not very difficult. Your kids will also enjoy it. All you need is to follow the right recipe for DIY Holi colors.

Holi decorations:

Decorate your home with crafts you make yourself. You can draw beautiful Rangoli. Try making some paper fans, wall hangings, and pom-poms yourself. It will be a fun activity for the whole family and will remain in your memories after that.

Happy Holi:

Make a chart and write Happy Holi on it with different colors. Make it as colorful as possible. Hang it on to the entrance door or in the hallway. It will look pleasant to the eyes of everyone entering into your home.

Spring Tree:

Make a tree of the chart paper. Color its wood in brown, leaves in green, and flowers of every color. Paste it on to a wall of your home. It will signify that Holi is the beginning of the spring season.

Hand Stamps:

Bring a white chart paper or cloth. Ask every one of your family to spray their hands in different colors. Then stamp the colorful hand on to the white chart or cloth. After the paint dries, hang that beautiful sculpture on to a wall. It will be a lifetime memory for all of you.

Plastic bottle Pichkari:

Make a Pichkari of the plastic bottle along with your kids. All you need is a plastic bottle. Make a hole in its lid. Fill it with colored water. And you are all done. Your kids will be thrilled to play Holi with a Pichkari that they made themselves.

So are you ready to rock Holi 2021 with amazing crafting ideas? If you like our suggestions, don’t forget to write back to us.