Holi Celebration

Holi celebration is not limited to India or the Hindu community. Instead, people from all around the world, no matter which religion they belong, love to be a part of this festival of colors. But everyone that celebrates Holi doesn’t need to know why Holi is celebrated. Even the young generation of Hinduism and India doesn’t know about the cultural appropriation and observances of Holi.

Celebration of Holi:

However, everyone, most of the time, knows how to celebrate Holi. They know about the burning of Holika, how to play Holi – Dhuleti, and eating delicious Indian meals on Holi. Everyone also abides by the regional traditions of Holi celebrations too. People decorate their homes and make handmade crafts to gift their loved ones. Let’s explore what you don’t know about the Holi festival here with us. As the festival has more than you can expect.

Holi Puja:

Puja on Holi marks the beginning of the celebration. It is also the other name of Holika Dahan – the lightening of the bonfire. It is essential to take care of the timing of the Puja. Otherwise, as per Hindu belief, everything will have adverse effects. And after you do it, there is no other Puja left for the second day – Dhuleti. That day is only to enjoy Holi and play Holi games along with the color play.

Buttermilk Tradition:

Breaking the pot full of buttermilk is a ritual of Holi in many parts of India. A human pyramid of young boys reaches the pot that is hung high in the middle of the street. One of them climbs the pyramid and breaks the Matki. That marks the beginning of the Holi festival celebration.

Holi Events:

After the color play is over, people get together and have the Holi meal together. These get-togethers are at homes and in offices both. But where people live away from their loved ones, they go to enjoy Holi events that societies organize all over the world. You may find such a celebration near you in whatever part of the world you are if there is a significant number of Indians living there.

Fun for Kids:

Holi is the event that kids enjoy the most. They love to attack elders with Pichkari and watercolor balloons. There are Holi parties for them at school where they can enjoy playing Holi with their friends too.

Holi Celebration in College:

Colleges all around India organize the Holi celebration for their students. This way, students can get along with each other and enjoy the festival. One of the most significant Holi celebrations in a college is at Shantiniketan that is the attraction for tourists from all around the world.

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