Holi Decorations Ideas for 2021 – What and How to Buy Guide With Tips

The festival of colors Holi demands that you decorate your room with different colorful things. For that, you will surely need to think of some fantastic ideas for the Holi decorations. But we are here to solve this problem for you as we have explored it all for you. So let’s start the colorful exploration.

Holi Decorations Ideas, 2021:

holi clipart 1

Holi is coming again in 2021, and this time make your home look amazing by decorating it with different stuff. Read this article to know the best ideas. Besides, we will also tell you where what, and how to buy the things for all these decorations.


Draw some colorful patterns on the floor beside the entrance door. You can choose grains like rice and wheat to do so. Or simply draw Rangoli with color powders. Get a mixture of colors by clicking the button below. And draw a multi-color rangoli yourself to decorate your home.

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Flower Hangings:

Put some flower hangings on your walls. You can use flowers of multi-colors to make it look best. Fresh flowers look amazing. But they face a problem. They get dry in a day or two. So if you want your decoration to stay for a long time, buy some artificial decoration flowers. Click on the button below to buy artificial marigold flower strings. You can hang it straight downwards and can make beautiful designs from it too.

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Colorful lighting:

Although Holi is an outdoor festival of day time, but adding some colorful decorative lights will enhance the look of your decoration. So buy some colorful lightening strings by clicking the link below.

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Paper cuttings:

Add some colorful paper cuttings to your Holi decoration too. You can buy it by clicking the button below. Hang it downwards in the middle of the room or on to the walls. It will look fantastic.

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Gulal pots:

Buy some Gulal by clicking the button below. Take out some Thali or Pot. Put Gulal of different colors in each. Place them on to a table that is accessible for everyone. It will look good and will also be helpful during the color play.

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Colorful balloons:

Buy some colorful balloons by clicking on the button below. Blow them and hang them on walls or around a pole. It will surely look fantastic.

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Paper fans:

Buy some paper fans from the link below. Place them on the wall you want to decorate. It will also look amazing on the entrance door. Make sure to buy the colorful ones.

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Pom Poms:

Buy some paper pom poms from the link below. Hang them downwards from the ceiling. They will also look famtastic along the stairs. Make sure to keep the decoration colorful.

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See how to involve kids during all these decorations here.

Do you like our ideas for home decor on Holi 2021? If that so, don’t forget to write back to us.

Holi Ideas for Kids, Early Years, Babies, and Toddlers in 2021

Holi is an exciting event for people of all ages. But you have to make Holi more fun for your babies in the early years, toddlers, and kids, and for that, you will surely look for some exciting ideas. Don’t think too long. Just read this article, and you will have much more to experience on Holi 2021.

Holi Ideas for Kids 2021:

holi pichkari

Kids don’t like the festival of colors much when they are in their early years, so you need to make it exciting by exploring some fantastic ideas to make it fun for toddlers and babies. So let’s start the exploration.

Create Masterpieces:

Introduce your kids and toddlers to toothbrush painting. It will just need paint, a canvas, and a toothbrush. Then ask them to paint it freely. They will create a masterpiece. Hang them on to the wall so that they can remember this experience of their early years.

Paint a T-shirt:

Get a white t-shirt of their size and ask them to paint it in the colors of their choice. It will be their outfit for the Holi festival. And the kids will surely be a proud creation for the babies.

Make Organic Colors:

Involve your kids in making organic colors to play Holi. It will be non-toxic, without any after effects, and fun activity for kids. See how to make the organic colors here.

Throw a Party:

Organize a party at your home where your kids can enjoy Holi with their friends. Let them have fun and mingle with the kids of their age.

Cook Something:

Involve your kids in making some easy dishes. Make Gujiya and let them roll the dough. But make sure they don’t create much mess.

Home Decor:

Gather your whole family and decorate your home for Holi. Ask your little babies to blow the balloons or put flowers onto the entrance door.

Read a Book:

Tell them the background of Holi by reading a story to them. Choose a book from our collection, and your babies will surely enjoy it. Make the reading interesting by reading to kids a Holi festival poem in Hindi.

Holi Kids Diary:

Ask your kids who are learning to write to write in their diary about Holi. It will be a fun activity and a great idea to consume time.

Letter Writing:

Ask your kids to write a letter to their friends for wishing Happy Holi. It will be fun when they will decorate it with color pencils and the other available stuff.

So are you up to experience the ideas above with your early years’ babies, toddlers, and kids on Holi 2021? Don’t forget to write back to us about your experience.

Holi Celebration Ideas for Office in 2021 – Make Your Workplace Colorful

Holi celebrations are must no matter if you are working in the office. So you must think of some unique ideas for the Holi celebrations at your office. Don’t think too long, just read this article till the end. And you will only need to implement the written ideas. So let’s start the exploration.

Holi Ideas for Office, 2021:

holi colors

Holi demands celebration in offices too, mostly in India. Because everyone wants to celebrate it to the fullest. That’s why offices arrange Holi parties for their employees. They also decorate their offices in the colors of Holi. With that, everyone gets a chance to mingle with each other and have fun. Let’s look at the ideas below that can make your celebration of the festival of colors in the office fantastic.

Decorating the office:

Decorate the entrance of your office only if you don’t want to make your whole office colorful. Put some garlands of flowers at the entry door so that everyone feels the spirit of Holi while entering the office. It will also make them feel fresh. Put some colorful patterns onto the walls if you are okay with colors all around.

You can also put some colorful balloons too. Besides, put Gulal in small trays around the corridor to enhance the spirit of Holi. Don’t worry about the mess by the color powder because your employees are now old enough and will not throw it on each other.

Throw a party:

If your office has a rooftop, you can also throw a party to celebrate Holi. At that party, you can allow your employees to enjoy the color play freely. Play some music and let them dance to the beats. Arrange a meal for all of them that must include Thandai, some snacks, sweets, and a dish from the main course.

Forgive and Forget Day:

Celebrate Holi at your holi themed boffice as a forgive and forget day. Ask all your employees to come along and shake hands with each other. If there are some conflicts among colleagues, ask them to forgive each other and forget the past. This way, you will revive the spirit of Holi – the new beginning.

Play Games:

Arrange some fun games to involve everyone in it. It can be a Thandai drinking competition or Gujiya eating contest. You can also arrange some group games like water gun color play competition among your employees. Divide them into two teams, and everyone will have lots of fun this way. Their teamwork will also improve because of the fun they experience together.

Don’t forget to write back to us if you like our ideas about enjoying Holi at your office. Your feedback matters to us a lot.

Extracts From Personal Diaries About Holi

The festival of colors is celebrated all around the world. But its colors get more vibrant when it is in India. After the celebration ends, some people like to write their experience at the Holi festival in their diary. Let’s read a few of these here with us.

Holi Diary, 2020:

holi ogden

Diary is a best friend as it keeps all the memories with you forever. So why not write about the Holi 2020 in it. If you don’t know how to write, read some paragraphs in English from personal diaries below.

A Kid Who Was Afraid of Holi:

Holi is a spring festival mainly in India and also in some other parts of South Asia. It is also known to be the festival of colors. On this day, all the friends and family members celebrate and enjoy themselves by coloring each other’s faces and making them look like Aliens.

When I was a little kid, I was very much scared of people with the painted face when they came to our home to wish Holi. I used to lock myself into a room whenever anyone with a colored face came in front of me. As per my imagination, these guys were converted into vampires, and they wanted me to be a vampire too.
But with time, as I have grown, my fear of the Holi festival decreased. And now, I enjoy painting everyone’s face with colors and love. So I decided to write a short paragraph on my favorite festival Holi.

British Celebrating Holi in India:

I am British, and here we don’t know much about Holi. So I decided to experience Holi with all its festivities. This decision of mine took me to India. So I am writing in my diary all that I witnessed and enjoyed at the Holi festival in India.

I was with the thousands of other people to celebrate the beginning of Holi. We sang songs, and there were speeches and prayers too. Then a great bonfire was lit. Everyone was given a handful of wood and dry leaves to throw into the fire. It symbolically represents that we are throwing our negativity into the fire to get rid of it. Everyone was dancing and chattering around the fire during all this.

The next day was Holi. I went to a mango grove where there were songs, speeches, and skits. Everyone was throwing colored powders in the air and rubbing it on each other’s faces.

I loved the craziness with which the spiritual festival brings together everyone in India. I made many new friends there. My mind stimulated, and my heart was opened. The experience was memorable for the rest of my life.

Missing Grandmother on Holi:

Today was Holi, and we celebrate it with full joy and happiness. It is the only festival I love because all the people celebrate the festival together despite if they are angry with us. We played Holi with color powders and Pichkaris. My mom made Gujiyas and sweets for all of us. She follows the recipes of my grandmother, who was a good cook. I wish she could be here to cook all this herself as I used to love her so much.

In the evening, I put on my new dress after playing the Holi and taking a bath. Then I danced on the beats by DJ in the evening with my cousins, brothers, and sisters.

If you like to read essays about Holi too, read here.

We hope now you are ready to write the experience of Holi 2020 in your diary now. We would love to read an extract from your diary too. If you like, submit it to us.

Holi Blessings Quotes [Updated Collection] 2021

Holi is such an auspicious event that everyone wants to send blessings quotes to their loved ones. Searching or writing themselves is tricky. But not much because we have collected them here for you. So let’s begin the blessed journey.

Holi Blessings Quotes, 2021:

about holi

Send some blessings in the form of beautiful quotes to your loved ones on the festival of colors. Make them feel how much you love them. Select your favorite one below.

May this festival of colors bring more cheerful colors in your life.

Hope you always smile, and your friends paint you with every color of happiness.

May God give you all the colors of life, joy, happiness, friendship, love, and everything you want to paint in your life. Happy Holi

I wish that colors of romance, love, happiness, joy, smiles, and affection gets deeper and darker with every day of our life.” Happy Holi My Love

Might the soul of Holi abandon you soaked with bliss. I wish you play a safe and sound Holi.

May the colors of Holi make your life as colorful and happy as they are.

May the Color of Happiness on Holi Fulfill Your Life’s Journey Throughout The Life.

If you are newly married and it will be your first Holi after marriage, send some quotes or romantic Shayari to your spouse.

I Wish You Have a Colorful and Joyful Holi. And may the Color of Happiness Fulfill Your Life.

May the shines of this Holi brighten your path towards progress and continued success.

May the God paint the canvas of your life with colors of Joy, Love, Happiness, Prosperity, Good Health, and success. Wishing You a Happy Holi

Wishing You A Colorful Day A Colorful Life. Color Your Mind With Positivism & Happiness. Happy Holi Festival

May your world be a garden of vibrant color.

May this festival Spread into your Life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, and Good Health.

See some more wishes that you can send to your loved ones here.

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