Holi Attack – Beware in 2020 – Know Such Events of Past

Holi is a fun event, but sometimes people go beyond the limits while enjoying the Holi festival. So it results in attacks from people that don’t want to celebrate Holi towards people that go beyond limits to celebrate Holi. The attack can be from people who celebrate Holi festival and attack those who don’t

Beware of Holi Attack in 2020:

holi and dewali 2020

Let’s discuss in detail how people can attack you on Holi when you don’t want to celebrate this festival. Also, make sure you don’t attack them in return. Let’s discuss some past related events and places that are notorious about those happenings.

Holi Attack in Mysuru:

Mysuru is a notorious place where if you are not in the mood to celebrate Holi, you are not safe from a color blast or an egg hit. Because you can receive it anywhere in a public place.

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Recent Attacks:

Here we will discuss some recent happenings which caused havoc into society as a whole.

Gurgaon Attack, 2019:

In Gurgaon in 2019, a family from a minority community was playing cricket outside their house. The Hindus were drunk, and they attempted to stop them from playing cricket. On the negative response from the family, they all started beating them with iron rods. When they rushed inside the house, they threw stones on the house. So you must take care of the minorities while you celebrate Holi. And don’t drink alcohol because such happenings are the outcome of unconsciousness because of alcohol consumption.

Hindu Muslim Conflicts:

Muslims also live in a significant number in many areas of India, and they don’t want to celebrate Holi. In some cities like Aligarh, they cover the walls of Mosques so that they don’t get the direct hit by the Holi color play by the Hindu community. But wherever the government doesn’t take such precautionary measures, there is always a threat of such conflicts. And sometimes, it also leads to the killing of people from both religions.

So we must say that Holi is a festival to spread love. And we should take care of everyone while we celebrate. Hurting someone to celebrate our event is not the message that Holi delivers to us.