Holi 2020 in Arunachal Pradesh – Celebrations in Another Corner of India

Northeast India shows enthusiasm in Holi celebrations the same as the rest of the nation. Even the last state, Arunachal Pradesh celebrates the festival with full energy. Let’s learn about it.

Holi 2020 in Arunachal Pradesh:

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People of Arunachal Pradesh celebrate Holi with all its festivities. Every community takes part and enjoys the festival together in the sense of communal harmony.

Holika Dahan:

Like the rest of India, people of Arunachal Pradesh also light a bonfire. It takes place a night before Holi. They gather wood logs and dry leaves for the purpose. Then they dance around to celebrate the victory of good over bad.

Holi of colors:

On the day of Holi, people come out of their homes to play with colors. Gulal is a favorite equipment for people of Arunachal Pradesh in the Holi celebration. Thus everyone gets covered in different colors till the celebrations last.

Meal of Holi:

After the celebration of colors, everyone dresses up again. They visit their friends and family and enjoy the meal together. It enhances the spirit of unity.

If you want to celebrate Holi 2020 in the last corner of India, Arunachal Pradesh is waiting for you. Bring along your family and friends to enjoy this fantastic holiday.