Holi 2020 in Canada – Celebrations by Overseas Communities

Canada has a mixed culture where everyone from all around the world lives and enjoys full freedom. So, every year, people from India that are now living in Canada plan their Holi to make it amazing.

Holi 2020 in Canada:

holi riverside

In Canada, Indians are living as students, doing some jobs, and many are residing along with their families. So all of them gather on the occasion of Holi to make it as amazing as it is in India.

Holika Dahan:

People light a bonfire as per their rituals and celebrate the victory of good over evil. They play loud music and dance around the fire. Everyone comes along to start a new beginning.

Holi of colors:

People gather in parks and on streets to play with dry and wet colors. People from all ages come along, and no one minds while receiving a splash of colored powder. Friends of Hindus from other communities also love to participate in the festival of colors.

Food on Holi in Canada:

As people of Canada don’t encounter traditional Indian food much. They prepare all the delicacies at home on Holi. Everyone prefers the dishes of their mother town and makes sure it is on the menu. Some most popular dishes are Dahi Bhale, Puran Poli, Papri, Malpura, and Chaat.

Being in Canada on Holi 2020, you will not be missing the colors of this festival. Just find like-minded people around you and start enjoying.

Holi 2020 in UAE – Celebrations in the Gulf States

In gulf countries, many people from India come to earn money. Some of them reside here alone, and some bring their families along too. In the UAE, people gather to celebrate Holi with all its festivities. Let’s know about it.

Holi 2020 in UAE:

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In the UAE, people of the Hindu community gather in areas in which they are in the majority. They make sure that no one misses their homeland and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Holika Dahan:

People light a bonfire to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Then they play music and dance around the fire in joy. They meet and greet each other, forgetting all the differences. They make sure that everyone is enjoying the occasion.

Holi of colors in UAE:

People celebrate Holi of colors in UAE, preferably on the day of the full moon of Phulgana or on the weekend around it. Because they don’t get off from work on this day here. So everyone comes along and plays with dry and wet colors.

Indian traditions:

On the day of Holi celebrations, everyone wears traditional Indian dresses, and they eat traditional Indian food. The favorite food is Malpura, Gujiya, Papri, Puran Poli, and Dahi Bhale. This way, they make sure that no one is missing their friends and family while being abroad.

If you have to celebrate Holi 2020 in the UAE, don’t worry. Just find where the Hindu community lives and be there. You will surely enjoy the occasion.

Holi 2020 in Pakistan – Celebrations in Subcontinent

In the subcontinent, where ever the Hindu community live, they celebrate Holi with tremendous enthusiasm. Let’s explore the colors of Holi in Pakistan.

Holi 2020 in Pakistan:

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In Pakistan, the Hindu community is in the minority in all other regions except some villages of province Sindh. Here, people gather and enjoy the festival with all its festivities.

Holika Dahan:

People gather in temples in the evening before Holi. They collect wood logs and dry leaves to light a bonfire. Then they sing and dance around in joy. It marks the celebration of the victory of good over evil spirits.

Holi of colors:

People gather in temples and also at homes to celebrate Holi with their friends and family. They throw colors on each other to enjoy the Holi of colors with its full spirit. Loud music also increases the festivity of the event.

Food of Holi:

People prepare special dishes on the occasion of Holi. Gujiya, Papri, and Dhai Bhale are favorite dishes of the people of Pakistan on Holi.

If you want to witness Holi 2020 in Pakistan, you must be in Sindh or Lahore. Make your festival colorful to the fullest.

Holi 2020 in Bangladesh – Celebrations in Asia

Subcontinent shares culture in where ever part you are. And when it is Bangladesh, the color of Hindu culture gets vibrant because India surrounds this country from three sides. Let’s know how people of Bangladesh celebrate Holi here.

Holi 2020 in Bangladesh:

holi ogden

Muslims are dominant in Bangladesh. Yet, Hindus are also present here in a significant number. So they gather in temples every year to celebrate Holi. Besides this, celebrations also take place at homes and in localities where Hindus are dominant.

Holika Dahan:

As all people do, Hindus of Bangladesh also light a bonfire on the evening before Holi. They gather dry leaves and wood logs for the purpose. Then they dance and sing around in joy of the victory of good over evil.

Holi of colors:

On the day of Holi, people gather at each other’s homes or in temples to play with colors. They throw powder of different colors on each other. Then they enhance the festivity be dancing on the beats of dhol or by playing loud music.

Bangladesh can offer a quiet and calm Holi 2020 celebrations to you if you want to celebrate it in Asia. You can have a brief overview of the festival here.

Holi 2020 in Australia – Celebrations Away From Home

All around the world, Hindus celebrate Holi with tremendous enthusiasm. In Australia, the Hindu community is present in a vast number, and they organize Holi to connect to their homeland.

Holi 2020 in Australia:

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Most of Hindus and Indians live in Sydney and Melbourne, cities of Australia. They arrange parties and events on the occasion of Holi. So that everyone that is away from home and family can have a rich taste of cultural belongingness.

Holika Dahan:

On the evening before Holi, the Hindu community light a bonfire. It can happen in the backyard of a house or in the street where Hindus live all over. They come along to sing and dance around the fire in joy. In this way, everyone meets and celebrates the victory of good over evil. Holika Dahan also spreads the message that we can defeat almost every evil around us with our good inner self.

Holi of colors:

On the day of Holi, we can witness the playing of Holi of colors in the streets of the Hindu community. People get along and throw non-toxic colors on each other. They also dance on Indian music. People from different religions also take part in these celebrations.

Food on Holi in Australia:

In abroad, people cannot eat traditional food daily. So on special occasions, they prepare all the traditional food at home to revive the original taste of the festival. This way, they also don’t feel lonely being in another country. Everyone visits each other’s houses, and people enjoy the food together.

If you are in Australia on Holi 2020, don’t be upset. You can celebrate Holi with all its festivities here.