Holi 2020 in Andhra Pradesh – Traditions of Southwest of India

Holi spreads colors of happiness throughout India. However, the southern part of it including Andhra Pradesh doesn’t celebrate Holi with much enthusiasm. Still, the south has its own unique colors. Let’s unfold them together.

Holi 2020 in Andhra Pradesh:

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Andhra Pradesh is the coastal state in the southwest of India. A few local communities celebrate Holi here in a different way. With that, people from the north that reside here celebrate it with full energy.

Common celebrations in Andhra Pradesh:

People from different religions come together and show the spirit of communal harmony on Holi in Andhra Pradesh. The day of Holi is celebrated as a festival holiday here. In the evening of Holi, youngsters play with dry colors and dance and sing along. They put Gulal on the feet of elders and seek their blessings.

Celebration of Banjara tribes:

Banjara tribes have a unique way of celebrating Holi. These people are famous for dance performances by Banjara gypsies. It’s a unique form of dancing which cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the world. So people come together to celebrate and sing and dance.

Celebration by north settlers:

People from northern India that are residing in Andhra Pradesh celebrate Holi in their own way. They lite bonfire in the evening to celebrate the victory of good over evil. And on the next day, play Holi with dry and wet colors. In the evening, they eat a Holi meal that is specially made in their homes.

If you want to celebrate Holi in peace, be there in Andhra Pradesh on Holi 2020. No one will disturb you much.