Holi and Dewali 2020 – When, Why, Similarities, and Differences

The festival of colors and the festival of lights, both are the most significant celebrations in Hinduism. People gather, offer prayers, and celebrate the win of good over bad. If you are in India, you are grown up enjoying both no matter which part of the country you are from. If you are a traveler, both are the best occasions to visit India. And also, if you want to know the Hindu culture in a short time, Holi or Dewali, or both of them are must-attend events. Learn more about both festivities here in this article.

Holi and Dewali in 2020:

holi and dewali 2020

The Holi will come on 9th and 10th March, while Dewali will be celebrated from 9th to 14th of November in 2020. The Holi is a declaration of the end of the winter season. Whereas Dewali is a New Year celebration of the Hindu calendar. There are many similarities and differences of both festivals. You can know about them down here.

What is Holi:

Holi is a festival of colors. Hindu community celebrates the event with a bonfire in the evening, and the next day is Holi. On that day, they throw colors on each other in the sense of joy. The colors can be in powdered form or liquid form as ‘pichkari’. Followed by this activity, there is a lot of dance, bhangra, and special food to eat. People visit each other’s places and enjoy the festivity together.

What is Dewali:

It is also known as Deepawali. It is a festival of lights. The lights include illumination, fireworks, lanterns, and lightening sparkles. With that, there is a lot of decoration all around. It is a five days long festival in which people meet and greet each other. And of course, dance, music, and bhangra is a must for every Hindu festival. There is also a lot of special food to eat on this occasion too.

Similarities among Holi and Dewali:

The leading purpose behind both festivals is to celebrate the victory of good over bad. As Holi is to commemorate the burning of demoness Holika. On the other hand, Dewali is the day when Rama returned after finishing Ravana. With that, they both are the most famous events of Hindus. The biggest celebrations for both events can be witnessed in India. While it can also be seen in other parts of the world where the Hindu community resides.

Differences between Holi and Dewali:

Holi is an event of two days, while Dewali lasts for five days. Holi is a festival of colors, while Dewali is a festival of lights. Dewali means the start of the Hindu calendar while Holi comes in the middle of the Hindu lunar year. Holi is the call of the end of winter, while Dewali is a call that winter is about to come. Holi is the celebration of the love of Krishna and Radha, so it can relate to Christians’ Valentine’s Day. Dewali can also link to another Christian festival that is Christmas. Because Christmas was the day when Christ came to the world and on Dewali Rama came back after finishing Ravana.

As the focus of our blog is Holi 2020, you will know a lot about it here. However, if you like our research and want to know about Dewali too, write to us. We will follow your love and extend our text to Dewali also. But till then, don’t forget to read all about Holi.