Holi and Flowers in 2020 – How We Use Them in Celebrations

Holi is a festival of colors, and when we add natural colors to our celebrations, it becomes more fantastic. We are talking about adding flowers into the Holi. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Holi and Flowers in 2020:

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Flowers are a must when it is Holi. And most commonly, when you want to celebrate it more organically. Here we will tell you about different ways to use flowers in the festival of colors.

Flower Petals:

People gather flower petals of different colors on the day of Holi. So they throw these petals on each other. It looks like a shower of flower petals and is a fantastic substitute for the dry color powder.

Flower Garlands:

When it is Holi, when people gather for color play, they throw flower garlands into each other’s neck. It is a way of greeting each other. It marks the beginning of the Holi celebrations.

See where it is a tradition to begin Holi by offering garlands here.

Decorating Houses:

It is Holi, so the house should also look colorful and fragrant. So the best option that comes in everyone’s mind is decorating the home with different flowers.

Organic color powder:

To make the organic color powder, people spread flower petals under the sun so that they can get dry. After that, they grind those petals in the form of a powder. That is a healthy substitute for the artificial Holi color powder. The red and yellow are the most common colors that people get out of flowers.

Spring festival:

Holi also marks the beginning of the spring season, and spring is mostly associated with flowers. So we can say that flowers are an integral part of Holi celebrations.

So make your Holi 2020 colorful and healthy by using flowers for the color play and all such activities. It will be a safe celebration for your friends and family.

Holi Etiquette in 2020 – Something You Should Never Froget

Every festival has some etiquettes. So does Holi. To enjoy the Holi festival in a friendly manner with everyone around you need to follow Holi etiquette. Let’s discuss these in detail.

Holi Etiquette 2020:

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Holi is a religious festival for the Hindu community but people from all religions take part in these celebrations. But we should not generalize that everyone loves celebrating Holi. So we must follow some basic etiquette.

Everyone doesn’t like Holi:

Holi is a festival on which everyone likes to play with colors. But not everyone, in real sense. It is maybe because someone doesn’t like to get filthy in colors. Or maybe people have allergies due to the use of colors. So when it is Holi, don’t throw colors on others without their permission. If it will cause them some health issues you will be the cause. And surely you don’t want to be the culprit.

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Don’t include cars in color play:

There is no point in throwing color balloons or rotten eggs on the cars. Because you don’t know in what emergency or tense situation someone is driving that car that you hit for the sake of pleasure. Plus it can be a cause of severe accidents. As the driver will suddenly try to stop the car and the sharp breaks can cause a collision of many vehicles and many people will be injured. And surely you don’t want to be the culprit again.

See which part of the world is notorious for such attacks on Holi here.

Make sure the target is up for it:

While you attempt to throw a bucket full of mud on anyone or throw someone in a muddy pool, make sure they are ready. Even you have to make sure if the target is your friend. Because everyone is not in the mood always for such hilarious things. And this limited time fun is not as important as your friendship.

Limit intoxication:

It is Holi and Bhang is a must. But making intoxicating Bhang and drinking it too much is not a must. So you should control your drinking when it is Holi. If you don’t you will lose control over your body and most probably you will do some misadventure in fun.

Save water:

It is wrong to waste a lot of water for the sake of enjoying watercolor play on Holi. The whole world is facing a water shortage issue and wasting water this way can never be justified.

So wherever you want to celebrate Holi 2020, follow the etiquettes written above. Take care of everyone around you while you are enjoying it. It will surely add a color of satisfaction to your Holi.

Holi Traditions in 2020 – Where and How People Do It

Traditions of Holi are regional. It means that it is a unique way of a region, state, or city to celebrate Holi in a specific way. Let’s explore some exciting traditions with us in this article.

Holi Traditions in 2020:

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Some famous traditions of Holi include Lathmaar Holi, Basant Utsav, and Hola Mohalla. But there are many others too because it is India. So let’s start the exploration.

Lathmaar Holi:

When men from the Land of Krishna invade the land of Radha, women beat them with sticks, so the name became Lathmaar Holi. Also, they force men to wear women’s attire and dance in front of everyone.

Know where it happens in India here.

Dulandi Holi:

The bhabi in the house has the upper hand on dewars on the day of Holi. So she beats her devar with a rope that she makes of her saree. In the evening, dewar brings sweets for her bhabi to further strengthen the bond between both.

Know where it happens here.

Basant Utsav:

Holi celebrations also include the welcome to the spring season that people know as Basant Utsav. It is a famous festival in a renowned university in India where many tourists come every year to enjoy the occasion.

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Dol Jatra:

Dol Jatra is a procession in which dol (palanquin) of Radha and Krishna are carried out all over the roads and streets of the city. Everyone prays from these Lords, and people sing and dance around the Dols into the procession.

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Hola Mohalla:

For the Sikh community of India, Holi is the Hola Mohalla festival. They gather to present a great show of martial arts that is breathtaking. Many competitions held every year on this occasion.

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Bhang is a drink that is famous for drinking on Holi. People add many varieties to this drink as per their taste. We recommend you not to make it intoxicating.

Try this fantastic recipe for making Bhang at home on Holi 2o2o here.

There are many traditions besides what we have written above. But we focused more on those that people enjoy and are followed every year. If you want us to add some other tradition to the list above, write back to us. We will be highly obliged to you for this favor.

Rituals of Holi in 2020 – Recalling Everything We Forgot

Every festival has some rituals that everyone follows. They may vary with geographical differences, but the original theme is the same. Let’s explore some of the rituals of Holi here in this article.

Holi Rituals 2020:

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Holi is the festival of colors in a broader explanation. But it contains many rituals along with playing with colors. A ritual that a community follows in one region is altogether unknown to the people of the other region, even within India. So here, we will talk about some exciting rituals of Holi and will also tell you where people follow these rituals.

Cooking Barley Harvest under the bonfire:

When people light the bonfire, they burry a pot under it that is filled with the barley harvest. When the fire extinguishes, they take out the pot and eat it. They believe that this food will keep them healthy.

See where it is a ritual in India here.

Worshiping Kamadeva:

In south India, people worship Lord Kamadeva on Holi. Read the full history of Kamadeva and his relation to Holi celebrations here. People also prepare food on the day of Holika Dahan that they offer to Kamadeva. Read its details here.

Collecting the wood:

Many days before Holi, men of the family start collecting wood logs from the spots making it available for everyone. And everyone makes sure that they have everything they need for the bonfire before the final day comes. It is also a tradition to steal wood logs from the homes of neighbors in some parts of India.

Learn about it here.

Holika Puja:

Before the lightening of the bonfire, people worship the Holika. It is compulsory to do the Puja at the right time, the same as burning the Holika. Because people presume that if the Puja is not done at the right time, it will have adverse effects.

Breaking the Matki:

At the Holi festival, people tie a pot fill of buttermilk high in the middle of the street. A group of youngsters stands above each other’s shoulders in the form of a pyramid to reach the pot. Then a trained young man climbs that human pyramid and breaks the Matki. It is how Holi celebrations begin.

Learn how people do this on Holi here.

So now, you are ready to experience some rituals on Holi 2020 that are new to you. When you do so, don’t forget to write back to us about your experience.

Holi Customs in 2020 – A Brief Discussion of What They Are

Holi is a festival of colors, and we all know this. But many customs are related to Holi. So we should remember all of these before it comes again in 2020.

Holi Customs:

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Customs of an event are such activities that are to be performed necessarily on an event. In modern days we celebrate Holi up to eating food and playing with colors and don’t know about anything else. So let’s revive all of the above in 2020 with us.

Lightening Bonfire:

Hindu community knows the bonfire of Holi by the name of Holika Dahan. It is a custom to light it in the evening before Holi. It is to pay tribute to the Legend Prahlad. Also, it signifies the victory of good over evil.

Know the whole story behind lightening the bonfire here.

Playing with colors:

Throw colors on each other on Holi is a custom that everyone follows. It is also known as Dhuledi. But people don’t know why they do it. It signifies the love of Krishna for Radha.

Know the whole story of Holi color play here.

Visiting Each other:

In the evening after color play, people go to visit their friends and family members. They spend time together to spread happiness and strengthen the bond between people. But in modern times, people don’t go visiting friends or family members; instead, they go to attend a Holi party, a musical night or visiting a park.


Food is an integral color of Holi. People prepare different dishes in the Holi menu. Some of the dishes are traditional, whereas some are modern dishes.

Know about all the recipes of dishes that people love to eat on Holi here.

Holi is a festival of colors with many customs that are necessary for everyone to follow. So you must abide by all the customs written above when it comes to 2020.