Holi Festival 2021

Holi is the second major festival in Hinduism. First is Dewali. Holi celebrations take place every year in March. But the day varies as the celebration is to be on the day of the full moon. Let’s know when Holi will be in the year 2021.

Holi 2021:

Holi 2021 will be on the day after the full moon in the month of Phalguna as it happens each year. Phalguna is the 11th month of the Hindu calendar, which starts by the end of February or in the early days of March mostly. Holi celebration is a two days event that begins in the evening and continues till the night of the next day. Let’s learn about it in detail.

Holi 2021 date:

As we can only estimate the upcoming lunar cycle and is never obvious. Plus, the lunar cycle in each part of the world is not the same. So the expected date for Holi 2021 as per the India calendar is March 28 and 29.

Holi 2021 day:

As the lunar cycle varies, we cannot say will Holi 2021 be on the weekend or weekdays. But the expected estimation is that it will fall on the last Sunday and Monday of March 2021.

Expected Holi 2021 day and date:

As per estimations of the lunar cycle, Holi will begin after the sunset on Sunday, March 28, 2021, in India. And it will end by midnight on Monday, March 29, 2021. Although it may vary in other parts of the world and as per changes in the lunar cycle.

Holika Dahan – Beginning of Holi:

In the evening before the day of Holi, people light a bonfire. It is a belief in Hinduism that this fire will keep everyone healthy and safe from all evil spirits. This bonfire is also a celebration of the victory of good over evil.

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It is essential to take care of the Mahurat of Holika Dahan. The ideal time is to light the bonfire on Pradosh Kaal on Purnima Tithi when the day meets the full moon night. It is the time precisely after the sunset of full moon night in the month of Phalguna. People do Puja during this time and pray for the well being of the family.

Rang wali Holi – Dhuleti:

The day after Holika Dahan is the day when everyone plays with colors. So it is also said to be the Rang wali Holi or Dhuleti. Everyone comes out from their homes and gather in parks, streets, and on roads too.

If you want to be a part of the Holi of colors, you must have all the necessary equipment to play Holi with. Know about the Holi equipment here.

The celebration continues from morning till afternoon. People also dance on the beats of loud music while playing with colors.

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Food of Holi:

After playing with colors, people come back home and take a bath. It is to ensure that there are no signs of infection due to direct contact of toxic colors with the body.

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After that, people prepare unique dishes to make this festival delicious. These special dishes are also available in the market. But people prefer to cook stuff at home together. It also strengthens the bond in relationships.

Learn easy recipes of Food that you can cook at home on Holi 2021 here. And choose your favorite dish below.

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People also go to visit friends and family members in the evening. So if you will serve a variety of dishes to the guests, they will be impressed with your cooking skills.

Where we can celebrate Holi 2021:

If you think that Holi is a significant festival in north India only, you are surely mistaken. It happens with massive enthusiasm in all parts of India, whether it is northern India or south or even the last corner in northeastern India.

Know how each state and city of India celebrates Holi below.

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With that, the whole world celebrates Holi. It is enormous where the Hindu community is in a significant number. People arrange celebrations in cities around the world for the Hindu community and people from other religions to play with colors.

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Events for Holi Around the World in 2021:

To make your Holi festival extremely fantastic, many events are organized all around the world. So that people can take full joy out of it. These events include music concerts, cultural shows, and also food fests.

Know where these events are happening at a glance. Here, you will surely find an event happing this Holi 2021 near you. Select your location below.

Holi Celebration:

Make your Holi celebrations super exciting by implementing the ideas given below.

Holi Celebration Ideas for Office

While you will enjoy Holi, don’t forget to share your experience with us. We wish you a Happy Holi in advance.